Retirement Letter: Dr. Gordon

Dear Dr. Gordon,

It is difficult to think of the Port Washington school district without your leadership and upbeat attitude. I have only been in the school district for four years, but your welcoming and warm demeanor has made me feel like I have been here my whole life. As a Board Notes reporter, it was truly a pleasure to watch you in action. You always maintained the utmost respect for your staff and the school board members, and you managed to balance the often competing objectives of the community.

Your firm, but gracious manner earned you respect from everyone. The fact that the budget has passed for six consecutive years is a testament to your ability to unite the community even under financial strains.

My visits to your office have always been filled with sincere advice and good humor. You never turn away a student and seem to always find the time to talk despite your busy schedule.

You will surely be remembered for many things, including the beautification of Campus Drive, installation of a new track and a new Slade Center for the Arts. Your ten years of service emphasized an inclusive approach to education with a broad array of academic choices, plus extracurricular opportunities in athletics and the arts. You also encouraged volunteerism on the part of the student body and the importance of helping those less fortunate. You have helped create a wonderful school environment.

First and foremost you will be remembered for your dedication to putting the students first in all of your decisions. You have kept student interests in mind when recommending the necessary budgetary decisions, making Port Washington a progressive and leading school district.

The halls of Schreiber High School will not be the same without you. You have enhanced my educational experience personally and made the district a better place for all.


Sophia Jaffe