The freshman perspective

Jillian Keyes , Contributing Writer

The adjustment from middle school to high school is a journey.  There are many new responsibilities and privileges given to freshmen upon arrival at Schreiber.

Off periods, glorious off periods, are one of the biggest privileges given to Schreiber students.  In high school, the average freshman taking one art or music elective has approximately seven free hours in a given week, not including lunch.

“I take advantage of my off periods and go to the library with my friends and study for other classes,” said freshman Sophie Lipstein.

In addition, the six-day cycle is a new concept for freshmen to wrap their heads around.  In contrast to the two-day cycle at Weber Middle School, Schreiber’s schedule is much more complex.  Although it is confusing to have classes that alternate days, this system does provide for a nice break for some classes.

“The great thing about Schreiber is that the students are given so much more freedom than ever before. I love being able to pick my own classes and electives,” said freshman Eric Fishbin.

Without the guidance groups to guide underclassmen with the adjustment, many freshman would probably get lost in the hallways in search of the Olympic-sized swimming pool on the fourth floor.

Hallway freedom is another huge difference.  The backwards ways of carrying an armload of books and being scolded for cell phone use are gone.  Backpacks are not only useful for notebook storage, but for fashion and snacks.  Thanks to backpacks, the student body has the ability to keep food on them at all times.


The biggest difference of all, though, has been the mixture of the student body. Rather than the “house” system at Weber, Schreiber students enjoy far more diverse classes.

It is significantly easier to make friends.  Freshman can befriend upperclassmen, which is great for free rides to Starbucks after school and food from off-campus locations.

“It has been a good transition because now we are more mature,” said freshman Katie McDermott.  “The shift to Schreiber has been extremely smooth and I hope that it continues to be that warm.”