Underclassman to Watch

Aaron Brezel , Assistant Sports Editor

Steven Lopez – Boys Volleyball:

Starting on a varsity team as an underclassmen is no easy feat. Sophomore Steven Lopez has not only done that, but made a huge impact on his team this year as the starting outside hitter for the boy’s volleyball team.

In his first game, against Oceanside, Lopez logged an solid eight kills and seven aces. He then contributed seven kills and six digs in his next game against Plainview JFK, the team that eliminated Port in the semifinals last year.

As part of the varsity squad last year he benefited from the experience of a Nassau Class A semifinal finish, and a plethora of great role models in the senior laden team. According to his coaches the positive energy he brings to the court is a huge boost to the squad.

“Lopez is on of the most committed and dedicated athletes I have seen. Not only that but he is a great all around guy too,” said Coach Maria Giamanco


Sarah Seeman – Girls Tennis: 

In her second season on girls varsity tennis, sophomore Sarah Seeman plays second doubles with her partner Astrid Phillipson. Despite her age, Seeman’s commitment to her sport has allowed her the opportunity to be a crucial part of a veteran squad that looks to make a deep run in the playoffs.

“Sarah has great team spirit and we are glad to have her competitiveness and skill on the team,” said teammate Junior Lauren Livingston.

In a recent game Seeman and Phillipson beat Oceanside’s second doubles team to assist in a 6-1 rout.


  Eric Adsetts – Crew:

“The love of the sport is hard to describe because there is not much about it that is likable. It is a lot of hard work and really repetitive but the winning makes it all worth while.”

That is how sophomore Eric Adsetts describes his experience as the lone underclassmen in the second varsity boat. As a freshman, Adsetts and his boat won bronze in the freshman division of the state final.

Since picking up the sport in 2011, he has improved to become the top ranked underclassman in the entire program, he rows in the fifth seat of his boat, a position reserved especially for strong rowers.

Already in the young fall season the second varsity boat achieved fifth in the Fishtail Regatta, varsity category. Despite his skill in the sport, one of his defining features is his humility,

“Crew is first and foremost a team sport. The only reason we win is because of the combined efforts of everyone in the boat, not a single person.” said Adsetts.