3.14 stars for Life of Pi

Jesse Epstein, Contributing Writer

Life of Pi, starring Suraj Sharma, is a must-see for anyone who enjoys pondering the meanings and morals of life.

The film begins with older Pi introducing the viewer to his younger self. The premise of the plot revolves around the life of Piscine “Pi” Patel, a teenaged Indian boy named after his uncle’s favorite swimming pool, as he travels across the Pacific Ocean by boat.

Accompanied by a live tiger, Pi uncovers many mysteries throughout his journey.  The film, based on Yann Martel’s novel of the same name, contains an incredibly moving story that one will not stop watching for even a second.

Director Ang Lee, deserves recognition for carrying out this complex plot in such a comprehensible manner.  The film contains several educational aspects, but they are presented in a attractive manner for its viewers.

Though the beginning of the film comes off as slightly tedious, once the plot develops, viewers may find themselves more accepting of the characters and develop a sense of emotional attachment through Pi’s adventures.

The power of Pi’s faith is essential to the story; it is the driving force behind both his own will for survival and of his feline companion. Born in India, Pi is unwaveringly loyal to Hinduism, but this does not stop him from exploring the roads of other religions throughout his journey.

The film is filled with metaphors and symbolism.  These symbols enlighten and ease the viewers on the conflicts between clinging to hope, forfeiting mental strength, and  the struggle between different types of people on their lifelong trails of survival.  Ultimately, the movie illustrates the relationship between humans, animals, nature, and faith.

Life of Pi is most certainly a must-see. The film expresses valuable lessons in an intriguing, yet informative style.  The additional 3-D enhancement helps to draw positive attention to the film; unlike most movies, the three dimensional illusion creates even greater attachment between the viewers, the movie, and its characters.