iCarly signs off with an iGoodbye in its final season


Lisa Rose

Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) struggles facing that her cyber life is coming to an end. After several successful seasons, the characters of this Nick classic unfortunately must be separated as Carly is moving away.

Zoe Mankes and Jesse Baer and Jesse Baer

For a handful of kids out there, iCarly, a nickelodeon show about a group of teenagers with a popular webshow, has been the epitome of young-adulthood for years now. The show’s avid fans have seen all of its characters grow throughout its five season run.  The show’s series finale, titled “iGoodbye,” provides dedicated iCarly fans with closure as their favorite childhood star, Miranda Cosgrove, says her final goodbyes.

The episode focuses on the Internet icon’s departure from her beloved long running web-series when her father, who is in the military, comes to visit. Until this episode, he had never appeared on the show.  He presents Carly with the opportunity to move to Italy, to where he has been transferred.

For those of you wondering if she changes her mind at the last minute and decides that she wants to stay in town, you’re wrong.  She actually leaves, and her departure is as heartbreaking and touching as possible for an avid iCarly fan.

Carly’s final goodbye is tear-inducing as we see her struggle to say adieu to her closest friends, Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddy (Nathan Kress). Her sad goodbye will resonate with the fans who have stuck with these characters and seen them face the highs and lows of being a teenager.

The bitter-sweet ‘iGoodbye’ was emotionally satisfying for those who have watched the show from the beginning and cherished each moment the character spent with one another. After five seasons on Nickelodeon, this “kids show” concludes with the growth and maturation of the iCarly cast. iCarly was a show that provided a half an hour of fun and laughs that will remain a small piece of their childhood.