News Brief: Blood Drive

Ali Goetze and Ruthie Gottesman, Contributing Writers

According to the Red Cross, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. Unfortunately, after Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island, several blood drives, including Schreiber’s annual fall drive, had to be canceled. The fall blood drive was originally scheduled for Nov. 15 and eventually took place in the gym on Nov. 28.

“Key Club typically runs one blood drive a year in the spring. Student Council was running this blood drive, but we decided to work together and join forces since this drive was re-scheduled twice due to the hurricane and the nor’easter,” said health teacher and key club adviser Ms. Janine Kalinowski, who organized the event.

“As a result of the hurricane, many area blood drives were cancelled. Assistant Principal Mr. Craig Weiss and Assistant Principal Ms. Julie Torres approached me about helping out,” said Ms. Kalinowski. “Given the urgency for donated blood, I was happy to step in with these last minute efforts. So many people have helped in many different ways post Hurricane Sandy—this was one of my ways of giving back.”

The blood drive was open from 8 a.m to 2 p.m. so that students and teachers could volunteer or donate blood during their free time during the school day. Even freshman students, who weren’t old enough to donate, got involved.

“Ms. Dietz and I worked together to gather volunteers. Volunteers from Student Council, Key Club and a few recruited students from my health classes dedicated their off periods to working the registration table, walking students back to class, answering questions, keeping donors company while they sat and recuperated post-donating,” said Ms. Kalinowski.

There were 45 student donors and 20 adult donors. In all, 65 people registered to donate and 53 out of those people were able to donate.

“Given scheduling this drive with less than a week to promote donations, I consider it a success!” Ms. Kalinowski said. “It felt great to help,” said freshman Annie Kline, who volunteered, “I can’t wait until I can donate blood!”

The Key Club also decided to hold another blood drive in the spring.