Sweet Alchemy by Amelia attracts anyone with a sweet-tooth

Maddie Cohen and Chloe Silver, Contributing Writers

The homey vibe and sweet aroma of freshly baked cakes are the hallmarks of Sweet Alchemy by Amelia, Port Washington’s newest specialty cake shop.  The warm smile of Ms. Amelia Monis, the owner and primary baker, greets you as you walk through the door of 142 Main Street, across the street from Edible Arrangements.

Sweet Alchemy is unlike any other bakery in town in that its primary business is creating gourmet cakes for birthday parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events.

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds like a regular run of the mill bakery, but we promise you, it is not.  The retail side of Sweet Alchemy by Amelia is made up of regular sized and mini cupcakes that are available at the store.

“This is the first cupcake place I have owned,” said Ms. Monis.  “I learned to bake at my mother’s hip when I was a kid.”

Sweet Alchemy does not have a set order list and the available cupcakes are baked fresh every day based on what Ms. Monis has in her kitchen.  The cupcakes are either made from leftover batter of that morning’s cakes or simply a recipe that the head baker was in the mood for.

“I make entirely new cakes for each event and no two customers get the same cakes, which is why the cupcakes are never the same either,” said Ms. Monis.

The cupcakes are incredibly diverse, ranging from a decadent chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce to the festive buttery vanilla apple cake with apple chunks.  Other interesting flavors include dark chocolate cupcakes with orange marmalade and a chocolate orange shaving topping, pistachio chocolate cupcakes, and tiramisu cupcakes.

“I love working at Sweet Alchemy. Amelia Monis, the owner, is amazing.  She is teaching me all about the trade.  Each day I help her make fresh cupackes and custom cakes for the shop.  My personal favorite is her vanilla apple cinnamon cupcake,” said junior Carrie Rybecky, a employee at Sweet Alchemy.

In this Ace of Cake’s-esque bakery you get the feeling that everything you buy is made especially for you.

Their extremely detailed cakes take on an almost whimsical feel. For example, a burger cake made for a wedding, looks good enough to fry on the grill. Your stomachs will be full of sugary, delicious cakes after a trip to Sweet Alchemy.

You can see Sweet Alchemy’s specialty cakes at www.SweetalchemybyAmelia.com.