Horror of Sandy Hook elementary school shootings shake the nation

Last month’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, took the lives of twenty innocent first grade students and six faculty members of the elementary school.

The Schreiber Times would like to offer its condolences to the families of victims and townspeople of Newtown.

The horrific killings are incomprehensible and the grief impossible to come to terms with.  It is tragic to see such a heartbreaking loss, at an elementary school no less, where young minds are supposed to be nurtured and protected.  In the six and seven year olds who died we see ourselves, our younger siblings, neighbors, and the kids we babysit; they were children with dreams and their entire lives ahead of them, all of which were quickly torn away.

The Schreiber Times would like to applaud the first responders in Newtown and the students here at Schreiber who sent aid to the devastated parents and children.

Last month, President Obama addressed the nation and stated, “We’ve been through this far too many times,” while calling for prevention towards future tragedies.

The Schreiber Times would also like to take the opportunity to point out that such a tragedy as what occurred in Newtown could have just as easily occurred right here in Port Washington.

Although we feel safe in our homes, our school, and our community,  it is essential that we remain alert, and always exercise our best judgment in possibly dangerous situations.

Students who notice any suspicious activities should speak to a trusted adult in the building right away.

While we cannot alleviate the pain of this heartbreak, we can send warm thoughts to the people of Newtown, and students of Sandy Hook who lost their friends and are still recovering from this nightmare.