End littering and vandalism

With Spring comes sunny days, fewer layers of clothing, and more time spent outside.  This year, however, an inexcusable increase in littering and graffiti on the school campus has accompanied the change in season.

There is unfinished lunch food consistently strewn about the stair cases in the new wing, and a daily renewed supply of suggestive graffiti on the walls in the same stairways.

Schreiber students are more than capable of throwing out their trash in any one of a number of receptacles, and can most certainly handle keeping markers and pens off of building walls.

The Schreiber Times recognizes that such acts are disrespectful to the custodial staff, and reflects immaturity and selfishness.

These acts show a lack of respect for school property, peers, and teachers that should not be tolerated by the staff or students.

As the end of the schoolyear approaches and you spend more time outside, please take note of any messes you leave behind, and make an extra effort to clean them up.