Improved choices in assembly speakers

Every year, administrators and various committees bring speakers to school to hold educational assemblies.  The assemblies have often focused on decision-making skills, with focuses on peer pressure with regards to alcohol and drug use.  The quality and relevance of these presentations is often questionable at best.  More often than not, students have left these assemblies unaffected, and, sometimes, with headaches from blasting stereo systems.

This year, however, The Schreiber Times  was quite pleasantly surprised with the selections in assembly speakers.  Both Ms. Jacy Good and Mr. John Halligan had important messages to impart on the student body.  During their emotional presentations, both speakers captivated students’ attention, and insured that they walked away having had learned important messages.

Ms. Good’s harrowing retelling of her experiences after she was hit by a distracted driver was just the warning that students needed, in an age where texting and driving is becoming eerily common, even as laws against doing so become stricter.  Not a dry eye was in sight after Mr. Halligan finished speaking about his son, who committed suicide in middle school after dealing with bullies for years.

Having speakers come to the school is costly, and The Schreiber Times is glad that this years’ funds were well spent. While it is important that the school reinforces the importance of good decision-making, flashy presentations and police officers giving empty warnings are simply not as effective as real people sharing their stories. The Schreiber Times appreciates the change in assembly speakers for this year, and hopes that these types of speakers continue to return.