“Epic” falls short of its title

Amelia Pacht, Staff Writer

“Epic”: it is a word that has completely shifted meaning over the course of a generation.

What was once used to describe a lengthy poem about a journey, is now often used to represent anything awesome, proving “epic” to be one of the greatest compliments that anyone could hope to receive.

The title of Blue Sky Studio’s new movie, Epic, set the bar high, making the let down of a movie even more disheartening.

However, the movie was not completely devoid of “epic” characteristics. Their momentous cast includes names like Pitbull, Christoph Waltz, Colin Farrell, and Beyoncé Knowles.

This star-studded cast’s attempts to conceal the problems of the movie were extremely blatant. Such celebrities would often leave the movie’s jokes falling flat.

Epic is a film with a simple premise: a girl is shrunken down so greatly that she enters another universe.

Upon her arrival, Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried) is labelled as the ruler of the Leafmen, a group leading them to fight a battle against the evil forces of rot, represented by the putrefying Boggans.

While this is not exactly an original concept, as such a story conjures up images of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

In the past, Blue Sky Studios has produced such movies as Ice Age and Rio, two films which are are targeted at both young and old audiences.

In contrast to their typical film style, it is clear that the outlandish plot in Epic is targeted only at the youngest of viewers, yet another reason why this movie does not stack up to its title.

Despite the quality of the film, the title of the film is somewhat fitting in one respect: the film follows a hero as she traverses both the known and unknown world for the sake of the ones she loves, paralleling the storylines of the ancient epics.