Local music fills the air in the Dolphin Café


Musician Mr. Daniel Sage performs in the Dolphin Café as refreshments and desserts are served free of charge.

Emma Rosenberg, Contributing Writer

Since 1946, Dolphin Bookshop has sold books and games to Port Washingon residents. It changed location to the corner of Main Street and Shore Road in June of 2012  and now offers more than just shopping.

Every Friday night from 7 to 9 p.m., Dolphin invites local musicians to perform for community members.

The Dolphin music series features many current and past students playing in a variety of styles such as jazz, classical, rock, pop, blues, folk, and musical theater.

Schreiber graduate Mr. Solomon Hoffman has been involved with Café Music, as the series has been called since its inception.  He finds and books the local talent.

“Café Music at Dolphin was started as a way to bring free, high-quality music to the local community and give local musicians the opportunity to perform,” said Mr. Hoffman.

Senior Sydney Ronis has had the opportunity to perform there twice.

“It was a dream to get to do what I love with my friends and family in the audience.  It really was a fantastic experience as a performer,” said Ronis.

“It has been a valuable way for student musicians to hone their craft in  a friendly setting,” said Mr. Hoffman.

They can play what they want, how they want, and interact with the audience.

“I remember being initially terrified because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to fill the time slot; but then you start to interact with the audience and tell stories about why you picked certain songs, why a particular artist influences you, and things like that that make the time fly,” said Ronis.  “I think the best part of it all was that I was allowed to do whatever I wanted.  It was like having my own musical playground of sorts.”

Ronis is not the only Schreiber student to be showcased at Dolphin.  Others include Schreiber graduate Bobby Katz and current juniors Noah Milstein, Greg Stebbins, and Adam Tuch.

Other local performers have included groups the Willie Wolf Trio, the Bennington String Trio, and Shir Harmony. Solo performers included ukulelist Shannon Ferguson and violinist Elizabeth Sun.

Performers from the Port Summer Show have also presented previews of upcoming productions.

To date, Café Music has featured over 80 musicians in 33 performances.

Musicians consider it a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday night, even though audience numbers vary.

“The musicians who perform at Dolphin tend to be struck by the beautiful space, natural acoustics and warm audience members,” said Mr. Hoffman. “We are also focused on trying to establish a space for the local community to unwind.”

The performances are free of charge, and the Café serves refreshments including a variety of paninis, drinks, and desserts.