In The Lego Movie, everything is AWESOME!!!


Emmet Brickowski (Christ Pratt) recruits Batman (Will Arnett) on an odyssey to save the Lego world as its prophesied hero.

Mike Colonna, Staff Writer

Sure, you can dismiss The Lego Movie as some sort of convoluted product placement with zany visuals and characters meant to steal money right out of the wallets of kid’s parents.  But you would be missing out on everything the movie has to offer, including hilarious rapid-fire comedy, beautiful brick-by-brick visuals, and surprising emotional depth.

Taking place in multiple Lego universes, the movie follows Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt), an ordinary construction worker with no discerning characteristics.  He thinks, walks, and talks like everyone around him.  However, one day, Emmet is mistaken for being “the Special,” a prophesied hero who will one day save the world from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell).

Hanging on for dear life, Emmet is whisked  on a journey by Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) across the Lego lands to gather a team to fight Lord Business.  Along the way, the audience meets a huge, colorful cast of characters, including Morgan Freeman’s character Vitruvius, Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, and Liam Neeson’s “Bad Cop” character.

Along with the colorful cast is a plethora of colorful, eye-popping, and truly stunning visuals.  Everything is made out of Legos in this movie—not just buildings and huge landscapes, but explosions, lasers, and oceans as well.

The fast-paced animation propels the movie along speedily, while also making you wish the movie would slow down just so you can soak in every last bit of detail that went into each scene.  The periodic insertions of stop motion into the production gives the movie an irresistible charm, as if these are real toys interacting in a real world.

All of the voice actors excelled a job on the comedic aspects of the movie, bringing dynamism and life to every scene.  Pratt especially manages to bring humor to each seen as the dimwitted, utterly ordinary Emmet.  Yet there is an emotional charge behind the movie as well.  Even Will Ferrell, known for his comedy, brings tears to the audiences’ eyes.

If you have ever played with Legos, or even just toys, at any point in your life, bring a box of tissues.  The movie calls into question what it means to be a kid, and the perils of growing up, in a way that hits you smack in the face.

One thing is for sure: The Lego Movie is certainly not meant only for kids.  It may very well be one of the most fun experiences you will have this season.  And you will inevitably leave the theater singing: “Everything Is AWESOME!!!”