Creative Director Ms. Sherri Suzzan named principal of Daly Elementary School

Tori Finkle and Rianna Stolper, Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

At the end of the year the current District Director of Creative Arts Ms. Sheri Suzzan will start her next endeavor as Daly’s new principal.

The position became available after the interim principal, Ms. Sheryl Haimovich, returned to her retirement.Before becoming Schreiber’s Creative Arts Director, Ms. Suzzan spent 20 years teaching both second and fourth grade at Daly. She was Schreiber’s Music and Art director for four years and then for the last two has been the head of both the music and art programs.

“Ms. Suzzan was a kindergarten teacher when I attended Daly and had a wonderful presence in the school,” said senior Amelia Pacht. “I’m sure that in her return, she will be welcomed with open arms although she will be missed among the arts students here at Schreiber.”

Ms. Suzzan has enjoyed her time at Schreiber and has helped with the execution of numerous art exhibits and  concerts, including Schreiber’s Night of 1000 strings. She likes to help students through the artistic process. Ms. Suzzan also has a passion for singing and has spent her free time as a part of a classic rock band.

“I loved the work I was doing, but as a former elementary school teacher, it’s been more of a real passion being engaged with young children and connecting with them,” said Ms. Suzzan.

Ms. Suzzan is currently working to find a replacement for the position that she has held that has the potential to keep the program running smoothly and efficiently.

Creative art teachers are required to challenge different kinds of students with many different talents.  When dealing with her new students which are young children, Ms. Suzzan can apply these skills with her passion for teaching them.

“From my experience of having Ms. Suzzan as a teacher in kindergarten I can  still remember the engaging classroom environment she created,” said sophomore Julia Silver. “I have seen her carry these skills over to her position as Director of  Creative Arts and believe she will be just as successful and effective as Daly’s principal. I think I speak for everyone when I say she will be greatly missed here at Schreiber.”

Ms. Suzzan missed working with children and watching them grow. When the principal position became available she decided to return to Daly.

She is very excited for her new position but admits she has butterflies in her stomach and is sad to leave.

“Everyone at Schreiber is so great! I love both the students and staff and I will really miss them but I’m only a phone call away!” said Ms. Suzzan.

Ms. Suzzan hopes to lead Daly in the right direction.

“The kids at Daly are very lucky to have someone like Ms. Suzzan leading their school,” said senior Sydney Ronis. “She’s a wonderful woman with a lot of brilliant ideas. I know she will make the children very happy and be able to enrich  their school day.”


“I want to keep it the happy and great school it’s always been because I love the environment there,” said Ms. Suzzan