Editorial: Eating in the Hallways

It is not uncommon to walk down the hallway and see small groups of students eating in front of their lockers.

Students often try and escape the chaos of the cafeteria or lack of space in the commons by moving their midday meal to their lockers.

Students have also started spending their lunch period at the top of the stairs that lead to the gym and in the doorways of various exits to the buildings.

Some administrators and teachers feel that this is inappropriate as it could potentially create extra noise in the hallway and cause students to remain unsupervised.

There may be concerns that allowing students to eat lunch in the hallways will increase the amount of bugs in the school.

However, if students are responsible and clean up after themselves this should not be a problem.

Even if students were not allowed to eat in the hallways, it is inevitable that food would end up traveling through them.

Therefore, if the emphasis is on cleaning up after yourself rather than banning eating  in the hallways, bugs would not become more of an issue.

The Schreiber Times would prefer that the administration recognize that, especially during the winter months, there is little seating available during lunchtime.

To make matters worse, many students used to sit in the atrium for lunch.

As long as students are respectful, keep their volume down, and clean up after themselves, The Schreiber Times feels that it is perfectly okay for them to eat their lunches in the hallways.

The Schreiber Times reminds students to be respectful when they eat their lunches in the hallway and remember that there are students in class who are trying to learn, and custodians who do not deserve extra work.

A shortage of seating and many students’ desire to get away from the excess noise and chaos of designated lunch spots makes it nice for small groups of students to eat in front of their lockers.