Farewell to Ms. McIntosh

Dana Nissan, Contributing Writer


Dear Ms. McIntosh

During the first semester of my freshman year, I had you as my teacher.  You were outstanding!  You made sure that each and every one of your students felt comfortable and you truly loved your students.  No matter what we were learning, you always made sure that we understood the material.

You were always willing to help us if we had a question.  I know that I could go to you for help with anything.  Not only were you amazing at helping me reach my goals, but you also made each class fun and joy-filled.  Every day I would walk into class, see you smile, and immediately feel ready to learn.  Every test you would give us a chance to earn extra credit points, so that we could boost our grades.  This shows that you truly cared about your students and their success.   You were a marvelous teacher because of your extreme passion for teaching and desire to help your students.   Overall, my experience with you was a great one and I hope that you have a great retirement.


Good luck with your future endeavors!

Dana Nissan