Port Washington’s trick-or-treating hot spots


To the left, a hungry trick-or-treater stands in Soundview, one of Port’s most desired places to trick-or-treat with a pillowcase filled with all sorts of candy. Sands Point, on the right, is one of the least popular places to trick or treat due to the longer distance between houses.

Emma Feldman, Charlotte Hyde , Contributing Writers

As October is coming to an end, there are many things for all of us to look forward to. After all, it is the end of the first quarter; the beginning of winter sports, snow days, and, most importantly, Halloween are approaching!  In order to maximize Halloween festivities, one has to know the hottest spots in town to trick- or-treat.
If you’re the type of person who loves meandering up and down flat streets with tons of other trick-or-treaters of all ages, and receiving plenty of candy since the houses are close together, then Soundview is the place for you! Just ask underclassmen Aaron Siff-Scherr, Talie Crowley, and Ian Aohs about their favorite trick-or-treating memories in their favorite neighborhood, Soundview.
“Every year my friends and I go to Soundview because we know that we will get so much candy,” said sophomore Siff-Scherr. “Although this year we may seem a little old to be trick-or-treating, there is no doubt that we will be in Soundview running from door to door!”
If you’re into the more mature scene, or you are just looking for that hilly walk to burn off extra candy calories, definitely check out Summit. Also, Summit is just a short walk from Main Street so if you get hungry for something more than just sugar, any of the pizza places there will do.
“Summit is the best place in town to go trick-or-treating,” said sophomore Arielle Ziv. “From my experience, the houses give out full candy bars and you can always expect to see other high schoolers around that area.”
Want to score some more of the best candy? If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out Port Estates.  It’s a great place to rack up candy so make sure you bring a big pillowcase!
And just when you’re convinced you need to check out all three neighborhoods this year, we have one more you should definitely consider. With its easily accessible houses, a park around the corner, and tons of familiar faces, don’t forget to swing by Manorhaven this Halloween.
With so many great places to check out, your hardest question this year should be: where do I go first? So, whether you have been working on your costume since the summertime or are just planning on throwing something together the night before, know that, if you follow this guide, you will know the best places to trick-or-treat in town.