Social studies teacher makes a TV appearance

Michael Falzone, Contributing Photographer

Social studies teacher Mr. Jeremy Klaff, was featured on the History Channel’s 51 Amazing Facts About America on Oct. 11.
As the program’s name would suggest, the special consists of 51 little-known facts about King George III’s least favorite country. Facts spanned topics from false presidencies to why the French really sold Louisiana to the United States. The facts were explained by a cast of American history experts including NYU professors, historians, authors, museum curators and a high school history teacher.
The show’s producers contacted Mr. Klaff in June, and he agreed to participate. 
“Why not,” said Mr. Klaff.  “It sounded like fun, and since I spend most of my time during the summer making PowerPoints in my basement, this would be a nice change.”
It is no surprise that Mr. Klaff was chosen to be on the show.  His love for history extends beyond the classroom in the form of books, videos, and more. 
Mr. Klaff was surprised by the offer.
“My guess is, all of the prolific historians were busy that day, so they went with me,” said Mr. Klaff.  “From what I could gather, they had seen some of the stuff I have online between and on YouTube.  Also, don’t forget that the Social Studs are huge in India by virtue of the three likes we received from Mumbai.”
Mr. Klaff’s website provides students with review sheets, study cards, video lessons and even travel tips.  Mr. Klaff and social studies teacher Mr. Craig Medico are also part of the “Social Studs,” an educational rock band. 
On the show’s set, Mr. Klaff was given a script to read, but was asked if he had any other ideas to add. The producers decided to open the show with Mr. Klaff speaking about which U.S. state is closet to Africa.  He explains how, contrary to popular expectations, Maine is the closest—not Florida.  Mr. Klaff received a large amount of air time compared to others also featured on the show.  He added his wit and quips to each of his numerous topics.
“So there’s this place at the Grand Canyon, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon where a mule still delivers mail.  I mean if you’re living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, what are you waiting for in the mail?” said Mr. Klaff on the show.
Following this joke, Mr. Klaff went on to talk about America-related facts which included the amount of cocaine on U.S. currency, missing atomic bombs off the eastern seaboard and many others.  Of all the facts talked about on the show, I asked Mr. Klaff what his all time most interesting fact about America is. If you know Mr. Klaff, you probably already know the answer.
“Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died… on the same day!”