Bareburger Preview

Adi Levin & Caroline Katz, Staff Writer

Watch out Smashburger, with the opening of Bareburger in just a few weeks, competition is  quickly approaching.

BareBurger is not your conventional fast food joint.  In addition to their highly raved about beef burgers, BareBurger has alternate choices on their menu. Some of their unique burgers include organic ostrich, elk, and venison patties, each one bursting with unique flavors.

This chain will be opening a store on Main Street at the end of January.  Port Washington residents are eagerly anticipating the new location.

“I’m super excited and so are my girls,” said Port resident Ms. Suzanne Pikoos.  “I can envision it as a place we can go frequently, maybe once a week… I can’t wait!”

BareBurger offers delights for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.  With over ten different salads and customizable toppings, people can order almost anything imaginable.  The menu likewise features a wide selection of foods specific to vegan, gluten-free, and nut-allergic clients.  This franchise is well-liked and rated highly by food guides.

Both those who have been fans of BareBurger for a while and those who have never tried its food are excitedly awaiting the restaurant’s opening in Port.

“I’ve heard great things about BareBurger, and I’m looking forward to trying it,” said freshman Julia Ruskin.