Midterm Help Events

Madi Reiter, Contributing Writers

Schreiber has an entire week dedicated to midterms, which this year will last from Jan. 26 to Jan. 30.  Last year, midterms lasted from Monday until Thursday with students returning to school on Friday.  This year, however, Schreiber has reverted to its usual midterm schedule,  thus giving students Friday as a testing day.

To help students through the long week, the Port Washington Public Library and the Schreiber Student Council are organizing new study sessions.

“The Student Council hopes to encourage the student body to avoid unhealthy study habits like cramming,” said sophomore and Student Council Executive Officer Aaron Siff-Scherr.

To help students stop cramming, the study session planned by the Student Council were held before the beginning of midterm week.

The library will be hosting its own study session for students on Jan. 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.  The Library will stay open just for Schreiber students who come in before 9 p.m.

Junior Tiger Gao believes that the Library program will be very beneficial.

“I think the controlled setting will help me focus and perform better on the tests,” said Gao.

In addition to academic resources at these sessions, food will be available at the study sessions.  The library study session will provide free snacks.

“The sessions are a great fundraising opportunity because students with a thirst for knowledge will likely have a hunger for snacks,” said junior Tracy Naschek.