90s trends are back this spring: History repeats itself in the form of fashion

Talia Silverstein, Staff Writer

The 1990s have made a comeback in a big way.  Almost all recent style trends are blasts from the past.  Many recent denim trends are reminiscent of the 1990s, as are crop tops, colorful hair, bucket hats, platform sneakers, graphic tees, chokers, and more.

Acid wash denim, oversized denim jackets, and mom jeans are a few 90s denim trends. For the spring and summer, acid wash denim shorts are always a fun alternative to plain denim shorts.   Denim jackets should also be an important part of everyone’s spring wardrobe, as they are great basic clothing articles that match with almost everything.  But the stars of the coming season are mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

This adopted look from the 90s has hit the runways and taken over almost every Tumblr fashion blog.  These baggy jeans are really cute and super comfortable.  Dress them up with a pair of heeled sandals and nice shirt, or keep them casual with a pair of sneakers and a cropped t-shirt.

Crop tops, chokers, and bucket hats.  Do you feel like you’re at a music festival yet?  Crop tops were highly popular in the 90s and have only recently come back in style.  Crop tops can be fancy or casual, and as versatile a look as full-length t-shirts.  Though not everyone feels comfortable with midriff exposed, those who do should make the most out of this trend before it’s gone and isn’t brought back for another decade and a half.

Bucket hats, a personal favorite of mine, swept the nation last summer and expected to come back with an even bigger bang this summer. In the 90s bucket hats were popularized and are still worn today by rappers like LL Cool J, School Boy Q, J Cole, Cam’Ron, and Diddy. You can buy a bucket hat in almost any pattern you desire or simply purchase a monochromatic one to match anything. Whether you are protecting yourself from the sun or just want to look like the king or queen of cool, bucket hats are perfect.

Chokers also seem to pop up everywhere over the summer, especially tattoo chokers straight from the 90s.  Chokers are a great base for layering necklaces and can look very chic.

Like most jewelry, it is hard to go wrong with. Some options for a more chic look besides the tattoo choker are a simple charm on a string, anything on a thin silver or gold chain, or a statement piece (i.e. a big chunky choker with lots of funky details.)

And finally, let me be the first to tell you that you are not the first person to be grunge. Grunge was popular in the 90s and consisted of ripped jeans, a flannel, a skater tee, dyed hair, and platform sneakers.  Sounds pretty familiar, right?  Like all of the trends I listed before, this look was considered washed out and old for a time, but has returned as something new.

Flannels, ripped jeans, and skater tees never really left the fashion scene.  But in the past year or two, there has been a significant increase in these items’ sales.

Fun colored dyed hair was popular in the 90s and has been revitalized by the starlets of today like Ariana Grande, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry.  Dye your hair (with parental permission) whatever color you want, since it’s pretty much all trending right now.

Platform sneakers, a style from the 90s that most people never thought would come back, are huge now.  Platform sneakers, sandals, and boots; all are starting to come with a boost.