Le Bleu Bird Café has flown in and laid its eggs on Main Street

Delia Rush, Features Editor

That little birdy you heard chirping over the coolest new café in town? It wasn’t lying. The Le Bleu Bird Café is opening in Port Washington at 170 Main St.  Nestled between other local shops, this bright blue-faced destination is just a short walk away from the Landmark Theater and Port Washington Public Library.  With an open set up consisting of small black tables and a long black countertop open to costumers, Le Bleu Bird Café resembles the ideal chic café that is unique to the Port Washington community.

“We want it to be very inviting and very open so people can just come in and get a good bite to eat,” said Chef Mr. Barret Beyer.

Not only are the physical aspects of Le Bleu Bird mention worthy, but the menu reflects a one of a kind quality as well.  Pioneered by “Hell’s Kitchen” alumni Trevor A. McGrath and Beyer, the café’s menu includes abstract items such as a chocolate chip burger, which Chef Beyer predicts will be a signature dish as well as the chicken and waffles, which is chicken cooked in its own fat, and wrapped in bacon. Sound heavenly? It gets better. The chicken is then dipped in waffle batter and deep-fried. Some other menu items included skirt steak and egg, a Nutella stuffed waffle, and pound cake French toast.

“We’re going to do your average brunch foods but then take it up a notch,” said Chef Beyer.

Another anticipated aspect of Le Bleu Bird is the gourmet coffee, some of which flavors will come from Chef Beyer’s very own coffee line, such as his chipotle white chocolate raspberry.

“This is going to be your spot to go for coffee trust me,” said Chef Beyer.

Le Bleu Bird actually opened its doors to the public from May 9 to May 10 handing out free samples to give community members a taste of what is to come.

“It was just basically a promotion we were doing as kind of soft opening so that we can introduce ourselves to the neighborhood,” said Chef Beyer.

Even though the café could only provide a sneak peak of what is to come, the community definitely responded positively.

“Le Bleu Bird Café is not your traditional, typical diner. Instead it provides refreshing and original approaches to breakfast (and lunch) in a family friendly setting.  It’s definitely our new “go to” during the weekend.” said Port Washington resident Mrs. Betsy Liegey.

As of now, Le Bleu Bird is waiting on permits to occupy the building as the previous owners had never filed the proper paper work.  Chef Beyer is anticipating the café will officially open anywhere from two to four weeks. Once the soon-to-be breakfast hotspot is in full swing, they will presumably be open from 6am to around 4pm. Beyer hopes to maybe set one or two tables outside of the restaurant throughout the summer, which will be waited on by the same wait staff serving inside of Le Bleu Bird.

Le Bleu Bird Café is sure to please your tasted buds and give you the sense of walking into a Parisian hotel.  So while the café is eagerly awaiting final paperwork, we hungry diners also anticipate the official opening.