Make some cash this summer while making a splash

Julia Kim, Staff Writer

Between going to the beach and hanging out with friends this summer, you might also want to consider taking on a job. Port Washington offers a variety of employment positions that are both fun and rewarding.
Oasis Day Camp presents an opportunity for high school students ages 17 and up to become a counselor and assist young children at Manorhaven Beach Park. For those enrolled in college, the camp even offers four undergraduate credits as well as leadership and communication benefits. Besides counseling jobs, the camp hires 15- and 16-year-olds for Leader-in-Training positions, where students work in conjunction with counselors to supervise the campers and earn a small salary. Furthermore, students can apply to be swim or art instructors, as long as they meet the current requirements.
“Working with children over the summer is both demanding and gratifying,” said freshman Zach Katz, who was a bus monitor at Oasis. “Although it could be hard and challenging, it ultimately pays off when you have fun and interact with the kids.” The Village Club of Sands Point has multiple job openings for younger students, like working at a snack bar or carrying towels. For teenagers 16 years or older who are certified, the Village Club has lifeguarding jobs available during the summer months. Similarly, Manorhaven Pool hires lifeguards and offers other positions in the Beach Park area.
“It’s great being able to spend my summer outside making sure the kids are having fun and being safe,” said senior Emily de Reyna, a lifeguard at the Village Club.
For students interested in music, Bach to Rock is looking to hire as long as the requirements found on their website are met. They have specific hours planned out for those wishing to work during the summer, and a variety of open positions. Those who truly take pleasure in music can both earn money and pursue something they are genuinely interested in.
“Music is a passion to me, and because of that, I’m so excited to teach others about music. Music is one of the only things that can unite people and bring joy to the room,” said junior Rachelle Huitt.
The Port Washington Public Library is also an advantageous place to work in cataloging books, operating computers, or in any field
geared to a student’s strengths. Simply stop by the Public Library and inquire about a job at the front desk. For younger people, 14 or 15 years of age, places like the Soundview Cinemas take on students for part-time jobs. Eateries or local shops like Dunkin Donuts and 16 Handles employ teenagers 16 and older for a myriad of jobs, like baker or crew
“Working is difficult because you have to complete hard tasks in a short time. It has taught me some valuable skills, and I also had the privilege of working with kind people,” said senior Kim Winter, who works as a baker at Dunkin Donuts.
With so many stores and businesses in Port Washington, there are countless job options for those interested in working with children, in
swimming, music, baking, or manual labor. So do not just spend your summer on the couch. Go out and find something you are Zareen Johnson interested in and make some money while you are at it!