Take a bite out of the most high tech watch yet


The high-tech Apple Watch (middle) has a more modern and sleek design in comparison to more traditional watches brands like Skagen and Breda.

Emily Ma and Danie DiRuggiero, Assistant Features Editor & Staff Writer

The release of the Apple Watch was much anticipated, and customers are flocking to get their hands on the hottest wearable of the year. Preorders of the Apple Watch shipped on April 24, the product’s official release date.
The watch sold better in one day than Android Wear watches did in all of 2014. However, the Apple Watch is not yet sold in stores. It is expected to be available in all Apple stores sometime in late June, according to Apple.
This product comes in three styles, each with a different target demographic and price points. The entry-level model, Apple Watch Sport, comes in five different colors, and has a synthetic rubber and stainless steel band. Its funky design and low price point make it the best choice for a younger, sportier audience.
The next watch, the standard Apple Watch, comes in fifteen different styles and is the most customizable. In contrast to the casual look of the Sport, this watch is more practical looking, with a neutral palette, and toned down bands. This style is more suitable for adults looking for a watch that is professional and tech-savvy.
The Apple Watch Edition is the third and final model, and Apple did not hold back on features or aesthetics. Each watch sports an eighteen karat gold case, in rose or yellow gold, and sleek, modern bands. It is aimed at a very high-end, adult demographic, with pricing starting at $10,000. However, investing in the Apple Watch Edition enables you to receive VIP treatment from Apple. Wearers of this specific watch can skip lines in a store, connect with an expert over video chat 24/7, and access a special Apple Watch training center.
“I personally like the Apple Watch sport and the features are extremely useful because I work as a personal trainer. It also has a lightweight and athletic design perfect for workouts,” said Apple store employee Diego Lopez.
The Apple Watch has numerous features that allow easy accessibility. It
is a personal device, which enhances interactions in an easy and intuitive way.
This wearable device has highly advanced technology, including retina display and force touch. Retina display has a high pixel density, which greatly enhances the sharpness and contrast of the picture. Force touch technology uses electrodes in order to promote the sensitivity of the touch-screen.
Not only can the Apple Watch display time, but it can also present an array of different information, including the current weather, a personalized calendar, a map of the wearer’s surroundings, and much more. Because it works in conjunction with an iPhone, it works around your personal schedule and keeps you updated using notifications.
For those interested in fitness, the Apple Watch delivers. It has two native health apps, each with its own purpose. Activity, one of the apps, monitors movement throughout the entire day; keeps track of the time one spends standing and exercising, and calculates the number of calories burned. The other app, Workout, encourages a wearer while vigorously exercising, calculating duration, caloric burn, heat rate, and distance. These features offer a unique,
high tech experience for consumers.
“I recently bought an Apple Watch and I’m definitely looking forward to all of its new features,” said Port resident, Ms. Rachel Wilson. “I think it will help me keep up with my schedule and the events I have planned. I’m hoping to put the
workout function to good use too!” However, a downside of the Apple Watch is that it does not run independently; it relies on connection with an iPhone 5 or higher to run most apps, but it basically
has the same functions as an iPhone. Unlike other watches, the Apple Watch also has an abnormally low battery life due to its high storage and multitude of features. It needs to be charged every night, which can be considered an inconvenience. For the money that is charged for the Apple Watch, it offers a limited amount of features and storage
“Although the Apple Watch is
the latest and most advanced piece of wearable technology, it is also ridiculously overpriced and it’s not worth it in the end because it relies on a less expensive and better piece of technology, the iPhone,” said freshman Abby de Reyna.