Fresh faces join the high school teaching staff: The 2015-2016 school year brings three new teachers

Mr. Dean  LoGiudice 

9th and 11th grade health

Why he likes Schreiber: “I love Schreiber because everyone I met is so helpful and excited to be here.  I was able to get comfortable here really quickly.”

Favorite food: “Chicken parmesan, especially when my mom makes it.”

Favorite TV show: Intervention

Advice to students: “If you have a dream, go out there and make it happen because if you don’t, someone else will.”

Why he chose teaching: “I have a passion for teaching health and the potential it has to assist you with getting what you want.  I definitely want to help younger generations understand that.”


Ms. Elizabeth Klenowski

10th Grade Resource Room

Why she likes Schreiber: “The kids seem so excited to be here. They seem happy, and the teachers are helpful. It’s just a great environment to work in.”

Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite TV show: Anything on the Food Network

Advice to students: “Find something you love to do and just embrace it!”

Why she chose teaching: “I’ve always wanted to teach, even as a little girl.  I have four kids, and my son has autism, so I wanted to give back to all the people who helped him by teaching Special Ed.”


Mr. Fred Feldmann 

Automotive I, Intro to Engineering Science honors, Robotics I and II, 3D Design and Printing

Why he likes Schreiber: “I love the student body; everyone puts in a good effort and cares about their learning experience.”

Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza

Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead

Advice to students: “Always do your best, and if you’re in my class, always wear safety goggles!”

Why he chose teaching: “I want to help people think logically and independently.  When I walk into Home Depot, the people should know how to calculate the correct amount of change.”