Hidden Figures launches female empowerment onto the big screen



A shot from the film shows women demonstrating their equality in the fields of mathematics and science as they take a stand for their equal rights.

Sierra Robinson, Staff Writer

With winter weather at its peak, going to the movies can be a great snow day activity.

Make your way out into the snow to see the newest feel good, inspirational film Hidden Figures.

This film contains such themes as class, race and sex struggles along with romance and perseverance. The film is an adaptation of the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, and it has received positive reviews thus far.

Based on true events, this film follows the lives of three African American female mathematicians that aid the NASA space effort by calculating flight trajectories.

One of the stars of the film is actress Taraji P. Henson, who is known for her role on the hit show Empire, as Katherine G. Johnson.  Johnson is a mathematical genius who struggles to be accepted into the workforce as a result of her race and gender.

In the film, NASA hires Johnson because she has the best skill set for determining mathematical calculations, a decision that highlights the need for people of all races and genders to overlook their differences to create a less segregated, more successful society.

“A mind doesn’t have a color,” stated Henson in an interview with MSNBC.

The issues addressed in this film regarding race and gender politics are extremely relevant in today’s society, as women and minorities continue to fight to get the same recognition in the workplace as their white male counterparts.

“Although I have not yet had the opportunity to see Hidden Figures, I plan on doing so, as it seems to be an extremely motivational film for women everywhere” said junior Amanda Krantz.

What makes this movie so important at this time is how inspiring it can be for women everywhere.  The story of three women mathematicians who fought for their rights in order make a difference in the world can be an example to all at this time.  Women will continue to fight for equality as they do within this film.

“I found the film to be especially interesting because it shows how far women have come since the 1960s while also showing the rights that they still have to gain” said junior Adam Nachamie.

The film does an excellent job crafting female characters that demonstrate incredible resilience and capability.  It is this film’s attention to character quality, along with its incredible degree of cultural awareness and historical accuracy, which makes it so successful and important.

The empowering film that is Hidden Figures is so influential that it causes one to wish that it only existed in the time period that it so accurately depicts.