Who do you think deserves an Academy Award this year?



Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone embrace in a scene from La La Land. The film has been nominating for 14 Oscars this season.

Nealie Silverstein, Contributing Writer

The 89th annual Academy Awards are quickly approaching, featuring a vast selection of talented nominees.  Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting hosting this year’s event, so get ready for some laughs!

Out of the nominations for Best Film, it can be predicted that La La Land will be the winner for this category.

La La Land has already won Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes and has been nominated and recognized for a multitude of other awards throughout the season.

For Best Actor, there are many excellent nominees to chose from.  Out of the selection, it can be predicted that Ryan Gosling and Casey Affleck have the best chance to take home the Oscar.  Ryan Gosling starred in La La Land with Emma Stone, who happens to be nominated for Best Actress.

Gosling was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy for this role. He was also nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for his performance in La La Land. It is these accolades, as well as the overall success of the film, that make Gosling an extremely strong contender for the Oscar.

Casey Affleck starred in the heartbreaking family drama Manchester By the Sea. Affleck was the recipient of the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor for his emotional performance in this film. He also won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama for this role.

Both of these awards are strong indicators for who will go on to win the coveted Academy Award this season, making it extremely possible that Affleck will take home an Oscar this year.

Just like her costar Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone has been the recipient of many awards and plenty of praise, making her a likely candidate for Oscar victory.

Besides Stone, Natalie Portman has a strong chance to take home an Oscar for Best Actress.  This timeless star is nominated for her role in Jackie this year. Her incredible performance in this biographical drama has gotten Portman immense amounts of acclaim and nominations.

As for Best Animated Film Feature, the Disney film Moana seems to be a clear contender.  From the incredible graphics, to the ingenious soundtrack written by famed Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda, Moana is an overall great animated film.

Regardless of who takes home the Oscar, it is a huge honor to be nominated for one.  If you have not yet seen these Oscar nominated films, there is still time to get a glimpse of what will be awarded on February 26th.