News Briefs

Poetry Café

On March 31, students poured into the library to share and listen to some of their favorite poems for the nineteenth annual Poetry Café.  The English Honor Society organized the event in celebration of National Poetry Month.  Poetry readings were the focus of the event at the beginning of the day, while the later periods were dedicated to celebrating Women’s Day.

Poetry Café was held first period, and students prepared a variety of poems to read, ranging from original poems to classic poetry, from raps to nursery rhymes.

“I’m reading an excerpt of ‘End Poem’ by Julian Gough,” said junior Danie DiRuggiero. “I chose my poem because it sort of makes you take a step back.  I feel like I’m constantly overwhelmed by school and sometimes I don’t realize that there’s a whole world outside of Schreiber, grades, college, and working.”

In preparation for Poetry Café, English Honor Society coordinator Ms. Michal Cohan and student facilitators arranged a date for the event, made a sign up sheet, and organized other logistics.  Students were able to sign up to read their choice of poetry, and on the day of the event, students were randomly selected to present their poems.

Students were invited to read poems that they thought would incite further discussion. Even though Poetry Café did not have an official theme, many students chose to read poems about gender and feminism.

Dozens of students read poetry and each reading was met with snaps and applause from the entire audience.

“It’s a great event where the whole school comes together to be created and enjoy some good poetry, including originals and classics,” said junior Jamie Littman.

~ Emily Ma


Spring Clothing Drive

For the past nine years, during the month of March, Manorhaven Village hosts a town-wide clothing drive run by the Port Washington Parents’ Council.  This year, the Port Washington School District’s 2017 Spring Clothing Drive was held from Monday, March 27 to Friday, March 31. The drive is hosted with the intention of helping those in need within the town, with clothing options for every age group from toddlers to senior citizens.  Most recently, a large amount of prom dresses and concert clothes have been donated to the foundation to help younger children and teenagers whose families cannot afford them.

“I think it’s really great what the people on the council are doing.  They are helping a lot of people,” said sophomore Joe Clark.

All of the schools in the Port Washington School District set up drop boxes in their lobbies, allowing students and families to simply leave clothes at their leisure. However, the council is selective about the clothing that they accept.   For example, they will not pass on clothing if it has rips, is dirty, or looks to have been used too roughly.

While the official time for collection is the last week of March, students who wanted to help had the entire month of March to get the clothing into the bins.

Clothing will be available for distribution from the lobby of Manorhaven Pool from Thursday, March 30, to Saturday, April 1.  On weekdays, clothing has always been given out in the afternoon, while on weekends they have started the distribution as early as 9:00 A.M.  The goal is to provide families with the necessary clothing for spring weather before that weather really sets in.

“My family has been donating to this clothing drive for many years, and it feels so good to help out and give back,” said freshman Arianna Asselta.

~ Molly Schiff