Editorial: School custodians

Whether they’re cleaning our classrooms and hallways after a long school day or preparing for an event in the building, Schreiber’s custodians make a significant contribution to our school community. Unfortunately, their helping hands are often overlooked by the student body.

It seems as if many students take our school’s custodians for granted without truly appreciating all of the hard work that they devote to making Schreiber as clean and organized as possible. Just think about how large Schreiber is, and how many hallways, staircases, and classrooms the custodians are tasked with keeping clean.

In addition to working tirelessly to clear campus sidewalks after major snowstorms, the custodians maintain the building during the hot summers when all other staff members and students are out and about enjoying their extended break. In both of these extreme conditions, the custodians are integral to Schreiber’s smooth and proper functioning.

We can all contribute to respecting Schreiber’s custodians by making sure to pick up our own trash after lunchtime and during each class period. We can also work to keep trash and recyclables out of our hallways and in their proper bins.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and energy to remember to clean after ourselves, and doing so repeatedly can ultimately develop into a habit that is beneficial to the custodians and the environment. Just taking these small steps can have a huge impact in reducing the custodians’ enormous workload.  Adopting cleanlier habits is an important step for ourselves as well as our community.

Schreiber’s custodians continually showcase immense amounts of dedication to maintaining our building in order to make it the cleanest and safest learning environment for students and teachers alike.

All of the custodians’ responsibilities are endeavors that they undertake year round. Without them, it would be impossible for our school to continue running smoothly. The Schreiber Times strongly believes that the student body should learn to appreciate these individuals who tirelessly work so hard to keep the school clean for learning.