Editorial: The need for paper towels in the bathroom

Beginning at the end of the last academic year and continuing into this year, paper towels have been removed from the bathrooms around school, which has inspired a strong and united annoyance among both students and faculty.  Many students who desire a simple and quick bathroom visit are met with discomfort and irritation.
This removal of paper towels is a result from students mishandling the paper towels and destroying the bathrooms.  Wet paper towels were thrown on the walls and mirrors in the bathroom as well as were used to clog the toilets and sinks.  This is not only disrespectful to the custodians who spend time cleaning the bathrooms daily, but is unfair to students who are properly using the paper towels.
In regards to health issues, drying your hands rather than using paper towels does not fully remove all of the remaining bacteria.  Since there are many germs present in a school environment, students and faculty members who want to quickly wash their hands and feel clean cannot do this.
Additionally, many of the hand dryers in these bathrooms do not function properly, or take forever to completely dry your hands.  One of the worst feelings is having to go back to class with wet and unclean hands.  Furthermore, if there is a spill or messy situation in class or the hallways, students are unable to quickly run to the bathroom to grab paper towels anymore.
Overall, nobody wants to have an irritating and unsanitary bathroom experience. The Schreiber Times believes that adding paper towels to the bathrooms will diminish these issues and provide for comfort among students and faculty.