Schreiber gains concession stand and new bathroom

New installation by the track is opened for residents and students


Kyle Wong and Jack Lawerence

A concession stand and bathrooms open up adjacent to the track at Schreiber, allowing for fundraising opportunities and accommodations for Schreiber athletes.

Sarah Tartell, Contributing Writer

On Aug. 21st, the grand opening of Schreiber’s new bathroom and concession stand was held. Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Mooney, former board members Mr. Alan Baer, and Mrs. Christina Nadolne, as well as several members of the Board of Education were present for the unveiling. 

For several years, the district has made efforts in advancing the school community by working and applying for The State and Municipal Facilities Program (SAM) grant. Receiving a whopping $125,000 from this state-wide organization, the Port Washington Board of Education was given the opportunity to invest in this amenity. 

Senior Julia Ciorciari stated, “I think the decision to build an outdoor bathroom was really smart. It is really helpful for sports events at the turf or on the track. Also, I think the concession stand will be very popular at sporting events.”

The SAM grant specializes in funding projects for the purpose of improving school functions. Dr. Mooney explained that the concession stand and restroom idea were based off of feedback and survey information that came directly from the community.

The facility was not actually put together on the ground it is currently standing on. Rather, its foundation was constructed in Nevada, and then shipped to Port Washington. Construction crews were brought in to prepare the site for the incoming structure and to make the finishing touches.

A large number of students, predominantly athletes, feel very strongly about the facility and believe that it is extremely advantageous for athletes to use for both daily practices, and sporting events.

“Since it’s been opened, the track team uses it all the time. It’s definitely way more convenient to go to those bathrooms than running back into the school all the time,” said junior and member of the Track and Field team Carolyn Stoller.

While being a beneficial addition for some, others have an indifferent stance towards it, particularly those students who do not partake in after school sports activities.

“I don’t know much about the concession stand, but I feel that the school should have focused on other priorities first. One being central air conditioning and more seating,” said sophomore Michael Scotto.

On top of being used as a bathroom facility and a snack stand, the building will also be open to athletic booster clubs to utilize for fundraising purposes. Band concerts and other charitable events will more comfortable for Port Washington residents with this new installation. 

“The new concession stand and bathrooms act as a great new addition to Schreiber. It was missing something like this and now that it is open, I think it will be a great convenience not only to members of the sports teams, but the regular student body as well,” said sophomore Sophie Penson.