Editorial: Tables to check ID cards upon entry

In the wake of numerous tragic school shootings across America, Schreiber decided to take more action by implementing several series of preventative measures.  Last year, students were each provided with a lanyards, and were told that they are required to wear their ID card all throughout the building.  In addition, this year, the district has increased the amount of security personnel monitoring the school and placed cameras and monitors throughout the hallway, which are connected to the Port Washington Police Department.  

Last month, the administration began setting up tables in the lobby each morning, where Dr. Ira Pernick and the other assistant principals make sure that each student is wearing their identification.  If a student lost or forgot their card, they must go to another table and sign in with another AP and get a temporary card for the day.  

Although this is a great step for our school, The Schreiber Times feels that these changes are relatively minor and are not able to prevent an invader from coming into our school.  The best way to fix this problem would be to change the structure of the lobby.  Right now, the setup would not be able to stop anyone trying to come into the building.  To make the current situation better, it would be more efficient for the APs to be situated outside the building.  If students and faculty are checked outside of the building, that would ensure that only people who should be in the building, which are Schreiber students, personnel, and the occasional guests, are able to come inside.

Another problem with the current system is that it is a common practice for many students go to the cafeteria, or even go around the auditorium and through the atrium, to avoid the tables if they forgot or don’t have an ID card.  If ID cards are checked before student and faculty enter the building, that will ensure that everyone who enters the building has been checked.  

Once students are in the building, The Schreiber Times believes that there is no need for faculty and students to have to wear their ID cards. If the tables are effective in stopping people from entering the building, there is no need for people to display their IDs throughout the school day.  

This issue is very prominent within our school, and it is important that the district finds a better solution to increase safety. Steps need to be taken by our school and community to make sure that Schreiber does not become another victim of gun violence.