Open your eyes and watch the Netflix original, Bird Box



Malorie, played by Bullock, is shown here with her two children, “boy” and “girl.”

Abbie Garfin, Staff Writer

Netflix’s newest top hit Bird Box has been the center of most conversations as of late.  The movie is filled with a star-studded cast, including Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Machine Gun Kelly, and more.  On top of this, with its rather unique and mysterious plot, it leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.  Along with many other excellent actors, executive director Susanne Bier has won multiple academy awards for thrilling movies. The eerie suspense and unexpected plot twists throughout the film have left viewers shocked, hyping many theories amongst fans while also being the most-searched series on the internet.  

Bullock is the lead actress in the movie, and in many ways contributes to the ominous plot and emotions developed in the movie.  Bullock plays the main character Malorie, who is in charge of  two children whom she temporarily names “boy” and “girl.”  After a mysterious force gets rid of most of the population, all of the remaining survivors believe that if you see something, you must take your life.  It is Malorie’s mission to save herself and the children she is responsible for.  In order to achieve this goal, though, she must sail down a river for two days whilst blindfolded, which puts all three of their lives at risk.  

 Bird Box is incredibly freaky, but so good!” said sophomore Avery Silfin. 

Although the movie mainly focuses on the dangers that the characters have to deal and suffer with, it also builds upon the crucial role of friendships during times of immense stress and pressure.  Due to the dangerous circumstances in the film that place each character in difficult positions, the premise of the series goes beyond the main plot by exploring boundaries, such as motherhood and rationality in a realistic human world, not just in a post-apocalyptic world full of terror. 

“This movie was amazing and I can’t wait to watch it again,” said sophomore Sari Hartstein. 

However, not all viewers have been entranced by the film’s newest approach on the genre of thrill.  Some critics on Rotten Tomatoes have claimed that Bier directed a rather claustrophobic, film with flimsy subplots, while others have praised it as being a surprisingly solid and thoroughly entertaining thriller.  

Despite this criticism, the success of the film itself among Netflix viewers is undeniable.  Netflix revealed that it has been viewed over 45 million times since its release, which is nearly record breaking.  Not only was its popular viewership the topic of conversation among many the days after its release, but the film has also been constantly posted about on social media and other online discussions.

While many people are raving about this suspense-filled mystery, critics have also mentioned that it may be confusing for some viewers as the driving force of death is never explicitly explained.  Still, though the reasons for the deaths are left up for interpretation, they are somewhat made more clear as the movie progresses.  Viewers are led to believe that something in the outside world is causing the deaths of almost the entire population.  This belief is due to the fact that the characters try to stay in hiding, locked up in a house with all of the windows blocked.  When the paper is ripped off the windows, some of the characters die, and others who are smart enough to cover their eyes save themselves for the time being.  

“It’s shocking how such a mysterious movie can seem so realistic and scary,” said sophomore Emma Klein. 

  If you like a movie that explores the genres of drama, mystery, and fantasy, make sure to look out for this series on Netflix as it’s definitely worth the watch.  Take a break from all of your midterm stress and watch Bird Box, on Netflix, a film you won’t regret watching!