American Idol vs The Voice: which show gets the “golden ticket”

American Idol just aired its seventeenth season premiere on March 3, 2019.


American Idol just aired its seventeenth season premiere on March 3, 2019.

Abbie Garfin, Staff Writer

One of the most controversial discussions has left music show fanatics and viewers divided on which singing competition show is better: American Idol, the classic survival program loved by many worldwide for 14 years, or The Voice, a popular show that grabbed viewers’ attention for its new twist on contests.  

These reality shows are known for their commendable reputation, the opportunities they give to contestants, and the unique personality of the panel of judges who judge each contestant on their vocal and instrumental skills.

Recent online polls came to the conclusion that The Voice is more entertaining, particularly because of its compilation of successful auditions or memorable performances, which have increased the popularity of the show, especially among teenagers and young adults.

The coincidental return of both shows has left viewers anticipating a brand-new season full of drama, comedy, and entertaining content.  After taking a break, The Voice aired on Feb. 25 with their new Season 16 Premiere.

Renowned musicians Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be returning as judges along with Kelly Clarkson, the previous winner of the show.  For the first time ever, John Legend will be coaching and providing key elements of singing techniques, performance aspects, and more to contestants throughout each round.  

“I hope the world is ready for #TeamJL!” said Legend in a post on his Twitter account. 

On Mar. 3, American Idol aired their Season 17 Premiere shortly after The Voice.  Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie will be the judges for this newest season.  It was also recently announced that Ryan Seacrest will come back to host the show.  Bobby Bones, a country music radio host, has agreed to join the show and will take on the role of mentoring competitors on and off-screen.

“American Idol is more entertaining because of the process but The Voice has more talented performers,” said sophomore Remi Haas.

According to statistics on, ever since The Voice aired, the amount of American Idol viewers has decreased each season.  This might be due to the argument that the celebrity judges provide comical, entertaining critiques to contestants and viewers alike, while American Idol is more serious.

However, this claim can be refuted by its leading mantra to expose underground singers to the mainstream public by uncovering their talents and leading them to fame.  

Another issue that bothers some viewers is that American Idol leaves part of the decisions regarding which contestants get kicked off up to the viewers. Thus, the reliability of the show’s voting system has been in the public eye for a few years.  On the other hand, The Voice leaves this choice to the judges, who are professionals that know what they are looking for.

Viewers love the fact that the judges on The Voice leave the decisions completely up to pure talent without having further knowledge about him or her.  While American Idol’s judges claim that their choice is based solely on the voice of the performer, their decisions could certainly be biased based on how they look or how well they can put on a show.

Either way, both sides have agreed that both reality programs will continue to provide endless entertainment and enjoyable content to American families and people worldwide.