New documentary premiers in Port at The Landmark


The screening of the documentary The Test and the Art of Thinking was hosted by the Port Washington Landmark.

Yazmeen Deyhimi, Staff Writer

In today’s society, specifically in school, everything revolves around testing.  For high school students, the two tests that are most prominent are the SAT and ACT.  These tests are now almost seen as a rite of passage for all teenagers, and an omnipresent component of the college admissions process.  However, how important are these tests, and how does their role in our community play a part in the psychological development of teenagers?

On Tuesday, March 5, the Landmark in Port Washington held a screening of a documentary called “The Test and the Art of Thinking.”  The film received rave reviews, and many attendees commented that it gave many eye-opening questions and answers.

The documentary discussed the significant impact that the SAT and ACT have on students’ lives. The main goal of the film is to support people on their paths to college, as well as to examine what the SAT and ACT truly mean in today’s culture and society.  Additionally, the documentary explored the tests’ use and ramifications with professionals.

The film opened with a quote from the President of Bard College Mr. Leon Botstein.

“Mathematics, science, being able to use the English language,” said Mr. Botstein.  “These tests don’t measure it and they don’t improve it – so why do they exist?”

This sentiment is frequently repeated throughout the Port Washington community today, especially because many people feel that the SAT is incapable of accurately gauging potential.  They believe that it is a test geared towards getting certain answers, rather than allowing a student to focus on and truly learn deeply about a specific subject.