Editorial: Heavy workload at the end off the quarter

As the end of a marking period approaches, students are often overwhelmed with last-minute tests, quizzes, and homework to finalize grades. This last day or week can be extremely stressful, resulting in a lack of sleep and poor lifestyle choices as students scramble to raise their averages or prevent them from dropping. There is a significant amount of pressure associated with these select days of the quarter, as students are overloaded with potentially grade-changing assignments. If a student upheld a certain average the whole quarter, that could all change in this short time period, whether that is for the better or the worse. These stressful times can have an effect on students’ mental health, as they produce grades that may not reflect their performance throughout the marking period.

With a significant portion of teens already getting extremely minimal hours of sleep, the end of a quarter only decreases the amount of shuteye students get. Towards the end of a quarter, students may be trying to improve their grade for a class, but with so many assignments and evaluations scheduled, it is hard for them accomplish this. This lack of sleep and poor upheaval of healthy living habits, which often time result in taking naps at home, feeling lethargic all the time, or even suffering from mental health issues partly due to the accumulation of sudden stress, will likely only continue into the following quarter and for the rest of the year. 

In Schreiber’s traditional school system, teachers usually assign tests and homework at their leisure. This allows for a huge buildup of work at certain time periods, namely right before the start of a break or the handful of days before an end of a quarter. Much of this chaos can be avoided, however, if there was a greater effort for a nearly-impossible load of assignments and exams to not be given out on or scheduled for such days.

As mentioned previously in a past issue of The Schreiber Times, it may be ideal for teachers to have to log their assignments and assessments into an online program that sets caps on the amount of work or exams that can be administered on a certain day. This way, the situation of a student having to study for four or five exams while also completing two or three homework assignments or project due the Thursday or Friday before break ends.

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that this is not necessarily a matter of students waiting until the last minute until they begin to prepare for all of these assignments. It may just be a reality that the amount of work they are assigned during these periods are heavily unreasonable for a student to get done to the best of his/her abilities given personal circumstances mixed in with an unbearable workload.

Meanwhile, The Schreiber Times very much acknowledges those teachers who are aware of students’ immense levels of stress and workload during these times and actively do their best to avoid assigning deadlines or tests during this unnecessarily-hectic period. These teachers are those who may teach a unit at a slightly faster pace or make use of each class with a greatest level of efficiency and effectiveness in order to be able to give exams a few days before the break or end of a quarter comes. In such situations, students are able to study for their tests with more focus and less needless stress.

The aforementioned online “logging” system would result in a better balance of work for students and allow students to handle their workload in a more effective manner. Hopefully, with the changes in Schreiber’s administrative body, including the new superintendent and assistant superintendent positions, some of these more modern and beneficial changes can be made for the betterment of the student body.