Port Art and Music Recital honors local artists and musicians

Yazmeen Deyhimi, Staff Writer

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On March 27, the students of the Port Washington School District were given the opportunity to witness the talents and passion of their art and music teachers in a way that they usually aren’t able to. Dozens of people, including families in the community and students who are currently engaged in music and art programs, gathered at Schreiber for a performance and art exhibit that were put on by the faculty of the Port Washington schools.

District Director of Creative Arts Mr. Kevin Scully was in attendance and served as the master of ceremonies for the evening.  He expressed great respect for the teachers, stating that they had volunteered their own time based solely on their love of the arts.

“They are participating due to a passion for what they do and the desire to pass that passion along to the students, parents, colleagues, and community members,” said Mr. Scully.

Many of the students in attendance were quite impressed by the creative abilities of their teachers, and commented on how they enjoyed seeing their teachers perform.

“It was really great to hear teachers I have had throughout my music experience perform,” said sophomore Samantha Radinsky, a student of band teacher Mr. Shane Helfner.  “We have such talented staff!”

The music teachers displayed an assortment of musical talents, including singing, piano, and brass instruments.

“It was a fun and cool experience to see our teachers perform and show their talents, something we don’t usually get to see inside the classroom,” said sophomore Emma Stylianos, who is in String Orchestra under music department teacher Mr. Anthony Pinelli.

According to students, one of the main highlights of the event was the performance of a Queen song by the faculty.

“The best part was when the orchestra teachers played ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’” said sophomore Rory Woods, another student of Mr. Pirnelli.

This performance appears to have been a fan favorite, as the sentiment was echoed by many others.

Some teachers expressed their belief that having an event such as this one was valuable.

“I believe in the faculty art show and recital because students should have the opportunity to see the skills of their teacher,” said Mr. Pinelli, who performed in both the jazz quartet and the string orchestra.

During intermission, attendees got a chance to view the teachers’ art pieces in a gallery. Sophomore Susana Noto, a student in band with Mr. Helfner, was particularly moved.

“It was amazing to see the unlimited talent of the staff in our district.  To imagine how much work these teachers put into their abilities over the years seems unfathomable,” said Noto.  “It really puts in perspective how lucky we are to have these music and art teachers.”

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