Nationals pull off upset of the century in World Series

The Nationals celebrate after defeating the Houston Astros in seven games in order to capture Washington D.C.’s first World Series title.  A very interesting off-season awaits them as many key players are now free agents.

The Washington Post

The Nationals celebrate after defeating the Houston Astros in seven games in order to capture Washington D.C.’s first World Series title. A very interesting off-season awaits them as many key players are now free agents.

Samantha Radinsky, Contributing Writer

Baseball is a sport that Americans have been watching for centuries and this past season had people on the edge of their seats.  With the Nationals winning the World Series, the 2019 baseball postseason was spontaneous and unpredictable, destroying the prediction brackets of professionals.  It was an intriguing combination of dominating wins and close extra-innings games, exciting fans worldwide.  From the wildcard games to the World Series, the postseason was unforgettable and all participating teams deserve praise.  This past season has fans already making predictions for next season.  

The Washington Nationals World Series victory was the first in franchise history, focusing the attention of sports fans around the country on the capital city.  However, it was by no means easy for the Nationals to get to that point.  After the month of April, as the regular season kicked off, the Nationals were 12-16, in fourth place in the National League East.  Certainly, not the record of a team you would predict to win it all.  However, the Nationals were able to end their regular season with an overall record of 93-69, falling short of the Division title to the Atlanta Braves, but qualifying for a wild card spot. 

“I remember watching the game for the Division title,” said junior Caleb Thomas.  “It was so thrilling although I was very disappointed with the Nationals’ loss.”  

The wild card games for both the American and National leagues were exciting, as the teams played to advance to the Division series.  In the National League wild card game, the Washington Nationals beat the Milwalkee Brewers.  With an incredible come 

from behind victory, the Nationals secured the win, the first step in their ultimate victory.  In the American League wild card game, the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Oakland Athletics.  

After the wildcard games, eight teams remained.  In the National League Division Series, the Nationals faced the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team with the best record in the National League.  Tied 2-2 in the series, it appeared that the outcome could have gone either way, although many fans had expected the Los Angeles Dodgers to dominate the Nationals.  Regardless, the Nationals’ Howie Kendricks hit a grand slam advancing the team to the League Championship Series.  In the other National League Division series game, the St. Louis Cardinals battled the Atlanta Braves to yet another 2-2 tie in the series heading into game five.  In game five, the Cardinals scored an incredible ten runs in the first inning, a scenario that is quite rare in baseball.  The National League Division series was certainly a series of close nailbitters until that dominant cardinals victory. 

 In the American League, the New York Yankees swept the Minnestotta Twins in three games, quite to the surprise of Twins fans.  This produced considerable excitement in our hometown, as Yankees fans saw a World Series in view, although this would not happen.  The dominant Houston Astros, who would appear in the World Series, barely defeated wild card winner Tampa Bay, coming down to yet another game five.  With three of the four division game series coming down to a final game five, fans were excited to see what would become of the league’s championship series.  

The American League Championship series was a battle and a dream to watch for baseball fans.  In a close back and forth between the two teams, Jose Altuve, the series MVP at a height of only 5’6, hit a two run homerun in game six, guaranteeing a spot in the World Series.  As exciting as it was for the Astros, this was a devastating loss for the Yankees.  

“Sports can be a little bit cruel for the team that goes home,” said Yankees’ Manager Aaron Boone.

In the National League Championship Series, the Nationals, coming out of a number of close games, were able to sweep the Cardinals in four games, sending them to the World Series.  

In the long awaited World Series, something intriguing happened.  The home team never won a game.  In an incredible back and forth leading to game seven, the road team took the victory.  At last, in game seven, the Nationals won by a score of 6-2, winning for the first time in franchise history! 

“It was refreshing and exciting to see an unexpected team emerge as champions.  Hopefully, with the high number of free agents on the market this offseason, some weaker teams will become contenders and create even more parity in the league,” said junior Jimin Lee.  

This early in the winter, people are already making predictions for next season.  You never know who the champion will be.