Zoom into theaters to see the new move, Ford v Ferrari

Peter Dimopolous, Contributing Writer

The box office as of lately has been filled to the brim with blockbuster action films, and
adaptations of either real or fictional stories. The anticipated release of Ford v Ferrari, fits all three of
these categories perfectly. The historical background of the event is a little different from most other
“based on true events” films seen around today, like Hidden Figures and Bohemian Rhapsody. As an
example, those two showed new sides and untold stories pertaining to one of the most important
moments in 20th century history with the moon landing, and one of the most famous bands of all time,
Ford v Ferrari reveals the story behind an automotive clash that most wouldn’t even care about
without this movie. Back in the 1960’s, Ferrari was dominating the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans racing
competition, with six consecutive wins. However, after getting issued a mocking from Enzo Ferrari
himself, claiming that Ford made bad cars, then-CEO Henry Ford II hired engineer Carroll Shelby (Matt
Damon) and Shelby’s good friend, British-born driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) to build a new car to
surpass the latest Ferrari and win them the 1966 24 Hours at Le Mans competition. This certainly isn’t
the kind of “true story” Hollywood likes to normally tell, making it stand out from the pack.
“It looks cool. I personally think when stories like these are told it can be really intriguing to
watch,” says sophomore Spencer Lane.
What also helps it stand out is the people bringing this story to our eyes. Director James
Mangold has proven himself a master of character dramas, with both the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the
Line and the heartbreaking tonal whiplash finale of the X-Men, Logan. There is no doubt that Mangold
can pull off this story, even if it’s guaranteed a happier ending than his other works.
“I think that the movie will be very good, as there are talented actors and an experienced director.
The plot seems very interesting and the trailer contained enough of the story to grasp my attention but
not too much to spoil it. I am interested in seeing it when it comes out,” said junior Caleb Thomas.
Though unlike Logan, Mangold isn’t writing, so it’s unclear what effect that will have on the finished
product. The cast commands an equal amount of respect as well. Matt Damon is an incredible actor, no
matter the role, and he fits the legendary shoes of automotive tech Shelby. Christian Bale similarly gives
nothing but successes. Along with him being able to change his body so much for nearly all his
performances, he really tries to sell every unique character and circumstance. Every time fans see him,
he’s unrecognizable from the last. Based on early reviews, Oscar buzz is brewing for the both of them.
“Each actor seems to portray their arrogance sufficiently, as well as complement each other
with witty remarks quite nicely. They seem to have a specialty in the picture they paint with expression,
depicting their attitudes and emotions impressively,” said senior Jason Schneider.
To conclude, Ford v Ferrari is shaping up to be a hit film. Every element, from the story it tells to
the people bringing it to life, are working in tandem to create something that seems truly special. Start

your engines.. A big race is brewing.