Return of Schreiber Slam generates enthusiasm and school pride

Zoe Tashlik, Contributing Writer

The rumors about the legendary Schreiber Slam returning are no myth: it’s back and better than
ever. Save the date for Schreiber Slam V on Feb. 27, 2020. This resurgence would not have been
possible without the incredible effort, support, and dedication of social studies teacher Mr. Douglas
Matina, also known as “The Human Weapon.” In collaboration with other teachers, Matina is going out
of his way to write, film, and edit videos, in addition to creating a storyline and organizing logistics.
“I have been hearing a lot about Schreiber Slam all around school lately. I am really excited to
attend this year and see my favorite teachers attempt to wrestle,” said senior Ali Martinez.
For those unfamiliar with Schreiber Slam, this wrestling-themed fundraiser originated in 2013 and
brought to the mat the alter-egos of favorite, legendary Schreiber teachers–many of whom will bring their
wrestling personas back to the ring for Slam V.
This installment of Schreiber Slam is dedicated to the memory of Pierce Slutzky who tragically
lost his battle with brain cancer in September. Recalling how Pierce talked about the Slam when he was
a Weber student contributed to the motivation for proposing the idea to bring back the Slam in his honor.
Mr. Matina, coordinator of Slam I – IV, was immediately on board to plan number five, conditioned on the
recruitment of a minimum of 20 teacher participants by Thanksgiving.
Dr. Pernick signed off, and the mission began. With creative emailing, dessert bribery, and a
multitude of persuasive tactics including pestering and relentless insistence, phase one was a success
because enough teachers rallied for the go ahead. Now phase two is underway, with Mr. Matina
coordinating all wrestling related components along with script and technological aspects.
Fundraising specifics are in the works, with a percentage going to the Pierce Slutzky Memorial
Scholarship and funds also being donated to a brain cancer charity to be determined. Updates regarding
the fundraiser will also be posted on social media in the near future.
In the meantime, students can look forward to the likes of “The Human Weapon”- Mr. Matina,
“Count Lorgicula”- Mr. Lorge, “The Cowboy”- Mr. Muhlbauer, “The Cure”- Mr. Schultz, “The Gentleman”-
Mr. Valente, “Hollywood TVB”- Mr. Barbara, “The Knockout Artist”- Mr. Medico, “Mountain of Muscle”-
Mr. Macrigiane, “Mr. Amazing”- Mr. Sepulvida, “The Wolfman”- Mr. Hosemann, Ms. Cotter, Ms. Stelfox,
and Ms. Dietz, plus many more incredible Port faculty in the ring and beyond, supporting Slam V.
There are high hopes that this event will cultivate a new, exciting generation of Slam fans that will
fill the Schreiber gymnasium on Feb. 27. Be on the lookout for new Slam V videos on the Schreiber
Slam YouTube channel on Sundays, and information about ticket sales and how to support your favorite
teacher wrestlers will be available in late January.