In Case There is Another Quarantine… These Shows are a Must-Watch


Ruby Ader and Goldie Abrahams, Contributing Writers

During quarantine, most Americans including high-schoolers, turned to new television shows to binge watch to fight their boredom.  Netflix dramas and documentaries including All American, Selling Sunset, Outer Banks, and The Last Dance were some popular options.  Each show’s compelling plot and storyline made them worthy.  Even if these shows weren’t on your “quarantine watch list,” they are just as interesting to watch now.

The Last Dance, produced by ESPN, is a ten-episode documentary about legendary basketball player Micheal Jordan.  In the first episode, the show explains Jordan’s background as a kid through the time when he was picked third overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA Draft.  His challenges of being the new player on the team and the inside perspectives of his teammates’ lives are shared throughout the series.  Episodes two through four, highlight former teammates of Jordan’s, including Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman who share their favorite memories of being on the Bulls together.  Episode five was dedicated to Kobe Bryant, Lakers basketball star , who unfortunately passed away in January.

“My favorite episode was the episode with Kobe Bryant because you got to really see how he felt, and it was touching to see a man who recently passed away, sharing about something he loved to do.” said freshman Tali Sanders.  

The episode featuring Kobe displayed the bond they made from working together.  The last five episodes delve into details about the Chicago Bulls dramas, wins, losses, and partnerships.  The Last Dance  won an Emmy Award Sunday, Sept. 20 for “Best Documentary” this year, making it a must-watch for Jordan and NBA fans all over the world.

Selling Sunset is a reality show based on real estate agents living in Los Angeles, California.  This reality show focuses on real estate and the different values of houses in the Hollywood Hills.  In addition, the reality aspect of this show allows viewers to follow the drama in each agent’s life.   The agents that work for The Oppenheim Group include Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, Davina Potratz, Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, Amanza Smith and Heather Rae Young.  Selling Sunset can be found on Netflix if you are looking for a new show to watch!

“Mary is my favorite character because she is the best agent and gets the most listings,” said freshman Alexis Levine.

Each agent gets different listings of homes in and around Los Angeles and the Valley.  Throughout season one, the agents fight over millions of dollars worth of listings that could potentially be theirs.  Chrishell Stause, a new member of the Oppenheim Group, was treated unfairly as she hardly got any listings. However, throughout the three seasons, you see her growth as a real estate agent and as a person. The agents’ drama and the incredible homes they are selling make this show a great option.

The next show inspired by a remarkable NFL super bowl champion, Spencer Paysinger, All American is another binge-worthy drama.  This Netflix series is unpredictable and addicting.  The characters in this show demonstrate the true meaning of teamwork in football.  All American involves family drama, as well as unexpected turns that make you want to keep watching (we won’t give away any spoilers).  When Coach Billy Baker from Beverly High School comes to Crenshaw to scout Spencer James, he is quite impressed with the skill level  at which Spencer plays.  When Spencer receives an offer to play for the Beverly High Eagles, his life soon changes.   His mother, Grace, and little brother, Dillion, support Spencer as he signs on to play football.  With this new lifestyle, he encounters numerous obstacles that make him stronger.  Nonstop highschool drama, injuries, violence, secrets, and new friendships fill his life and others around him.  

“I felt like every episode just kept getting better and better and more exciting each time,” said freshman Hannah Ross.  

Throughout the whole series, each character learns many lessons, especially about racism and equality.  The series ends leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.  Unfortunately, the release date of season three has been postponed and the show will premiere  in Jan. 2021. 

Outer Banks, another drama/adventure series, features four teenagers, John B, JJ, Kiara, and Pope, labeled as the “Pogues,” who spend their summer trying to solve the mystery of John B’s deceased father.  During their adventurous and risky hunt, they discover an enormous treasure that has the potential to change their lives.  Everyone in Outer Banks, North Carolina believes that the Pogues are bad news and are on the lookout to catch them making mistakes.  The kids experience tragic events but have lots of fun in return.  Even when they feel discouraged, they never stop working on their ultimate goal of obtaining the treasure.  Being that OBX is a Netflix original teen series,  the characters of course face obstacles of love, friendship, death, and arguments.  Outer Banks only has had one season on Netflix, but season two is most likely being released in April 2021.

“This show made me super intrigued by all the adventures and different clues along the journey,” said freshman Ella Hart.  

Each one of these shows are fantastic and highly recommended.  If you have a few hours to spare, all of these TV shows are great options to cure your boredom, in or out of quarantine.