How To Vote In Port Washington

Yazmeen Deyhimi, Contributing Writer

With the election right around the corner, the most important question is: how  and where can people vote?  This normally would not be such a complicated  issue; however, amid a pandemic and America resting on the uneven political footing, this question is more important  than ever. 

“It has not been fully clear to me until recently the power every single individual vote has,” said senior Emma Stylianos. 

To be registered to vote in New York, you must be a United States citizen and at least 18 years of age.  You also must have lived at your current place of residence for at least 30 days.  Although it is too late for this election, in general, New Yorkers can register to vote at any state agency-based voter registration center including the Department of Motor Vehicles or call the 1-800-FOR-VOTE hotline.  You can also visit the website 

There are a number of ways that you can vote in this year’s upcoming election due to the extenuating circumstances that exist in the country.  One of the ways that you can vote is by absentee ballot.  Voters can request an absentee ballot electronically through the New York State Absentee Ballots Portal, by calling (516)-571-VOTE, or by mailing an absentee ballot request to the Nassau County Board of Elections.  It is recommended to send your absentee ballot request in as soon as possible, but at least seven days before the election.  This means that you cannot send in a request for a ballot any later than Oct. 27, 2020.   

There is an application to fill out to request an absentee ballot or you can request it through a letter. If you sent in an absentee ballot request by letter, make sure the letter includes your name and date of birth, the address where you currently reside, the voting center’s address, and the reason for the request. 

When you receive your absentee ballot, follow the instructions on selecting the candidates for each office.  After filling out the ballot, make sure to place it back into the security envelope, and then sign,date and seal the envelope.  Then place the security envelope into the return envelope, which has the return address of the County Board of Elections.  Make sure the logo on the envelope reads “Official Election Mail.” 

You can return the ballot by mailing it, but make sure it is postmarked no later than Nov. 3.  It must be received by the Board of Elections by Nov. 10.  Alternatively, you can bring the completed ballot in person to the County Board of Elections on Nov. 3, to an early voting poll site between Oct. 24 – Nov. 1, or to a polling location on Nov. 3 before 9 p.m. 

“If you want to change how your government handles certain issues, it is essential to vote for the people that represent you. It’s your chance to participate in decisions that will affect your livelihood actively,” said senior Amy Suwannatat. 

Besides voting by absentee ballot, voting in person is always an option.  This can be done through early voting between Oct. 24 and Nov. 1.  There are various polling locations that will be offering early voting.  Make sure to check with your assigned polling location to see if this early option is available. 

If you would rather vote on Election Day, you can vote in person at your assigned polling place from 6  a.m. to 9 p.m. 

“Voting lets you put your voice directly into the government.  It is a power that every citizen holds and should take with great responsibility.  It should not be thrown away,” said senior Susana Noto. 

One further thing to note is that even if you request or return an absentee ballot, you can still go to the polls and vote in person.  If you do show up either early or on Election Day, your absentee ballot will not be counted.

If you are eligible to vote, make sure you cast your ballot so your voice can be heard.