Schreiber gymnastics is flipping its way back into practices

Mikayla Gargani, Contributing Writer

COVID-19 has delayed Schreiber sports, but the Schreiber gymnastics team is ready to fight through any obstacles that come its way.  This year’s team is coached by Mr. James Fallon and Ms. Jeannine Fallon who are hoping to have an even more successful season than they did the previous year even under the new COVID protocols.  

Last season, the team placed third in all of Nassau County and only lost 2 meets.  Out of the team, senior Lola Lichtenstein and juniors Sarah Braunschweiger, Stefanie Carta, Kiera Darnell, and Kayla Quan made it to State Qualifiers.  Stefanie Carta made it to States, which was  unfortunately  cancelled due to COVID-19.  Although there will be many regulations this year, the team will continue to do what they do best.

To follow safety precautions, the team has made many adjustments to its usual practices.  The gymnasts meet at Sousa Elementary, six days a week for two hour practices.  The only day they do not meet is Sundays.  They have the option to take the bus to Sousa if they are hybrid, and fully remote students get dropped off.  The biggest change is that the team wears masks and are socially distanced for all aspects of the practice.  

“We are trying our best to make the most out of what we have for the season.  We are all so happy we at least got our season unlike other sports this year, so we are being super careful and take the precautions seriously,” said junior Abby Kerin.   

Team members are  putting in effort to look and perform their best in the meets to come.  

“Hopefully we will get through this season, but we’re actually looking really good so far and everyone is pretty hyped up.  We are excited that we even have the opportunity to do it and for me,  I love varsity gymnastics so I’m thrilled that we can even have a season.  I also think we will definitely be able to get a lot of wins out,” said junior Stefanie Carta.  

Since COVID cases have been significantly increasing for the past few weeks, meets and practices continue to get cancelled.  Having to work around these issues is definitely a challenge for the coaches and the gymnasts. 

This season of gymnastics is especially important to the seniors on the team.  

“Over the past three years we have moved up an entire conference, had a handful of girls make it to the state qualifier meet, and even one make it to the NY State Championships.  This year I’m so happy, under the circumstances, to have one last season as a senior.  I’m looking forward to the season as we have such a strong, talented, and hard working team,” said senior captain Lola Lichtenstein.  

Since many seniors are trying to make the most out of their last season, their senior meet will be one of the early upcoming meets.  All the team is able to do is work together and put in as much spirit as they can.  Even if some practices are through Zoom, staying strong and continuing to practice is very important to the team.