Student Council plans its events for the school year


From Left: Matthew Hellerman, Abraham Franchetti, Isabelle Kitay, Sam Kassan, Jolie Baltic

Chiara Amodeo, Contributing Writer

Schreiber’s Student Council has been busy planning events and fundraisers for the upcoming year.  There are already four plans in the works for the 2021-2022 school year: the annual Halloween costume contest, a Halloween week food drive and fundraiser, holiday window painting, and spirit week with a pep rally this spring. 

The Halloween costume contest will take place on Oct. 29 and it will be the first in-person costume contest in two years.  To participate in the contest, students will have to go to the Schreiber circle during any lunch period to get their picture taken.  The week before Halloween will also include a food drive for Long Island Cares.  Canned foods will be accepted for the food drive, and the student council has set up a raffle for an Apple gift card that all donors can choose to enter. 

Holiday window painting will take place during the winter holiday season and will be slightly different from the window painting in previous years.  Since the cafetera has been redone and is currently sealed on the side facing the main entrance, a different set of windows will be chosen for the  designs.  Despite this change, the student council is still finding a way to make this activity happen once again.  The window painting will be done by club representatives and will provide a chance for students to showcase their creativity.

 “I think the holiday window painting event sounds like fun.  It seems like a great way to be creative and have fun with your club members,” said freshman Eva Franchetti. 

More information will be available on this activity closer to the date.

The Spirit Week and pep rally will be returning this spring after having been cancelled the last two years due to the pandemic and its restrictions.  Although there is still quite a while until the pep rally, the planning has already begun.  The event will occur during sixth period on a Friday, as the culminating event of Spirit Week. It will feature teams from each grade competing against one another in games, such as tug-of-war, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and obstacle races. 

 “The pep rally sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and I am really looking forward to coming together as a school for an afternoon filled with fun,” said freshman Nico Lubetsky. 

The student council will release more information about this in the spring and winter as the date gets closer, but it is already a highly anticipated event, as many students and teachers are looking forward to the return of one of Schreiber’s storied traditions.

Not only has the Student Council been at work planning activities and spirit events, but they have also been active in advocating for the student body in meetings with Dr. Pernick. Student Council President Abraham Franchetti and council member Sam Kassan met with Dr. Pernick earlier this school year to discuss lifting the ban on using the school WiFi network for personal devices.  As Schreiber students now know, they were able to have the ban revoked allowing personal devices, such as phones, laptops, and personal chromebooks, to have access to the school’s WiFi network. 

“I’m glad we’re able to connect to the WiFi network on personal devices now, because we often use our phones for more than just social media and texting.  For example, in Biology class, I need access to the internet to upload photos, and sometimes I’m unable to do so because of the lack of cellular reception inside the building.  Now, with the WiFi access on my phone, I can upload the images that I need to,” said freshman Leah Dong. 

Similar responses were also expressed by students in a range of classes, including Studio Art and Drawing and Painting, where uploading photos is a necessary part of the course and almost impossible without WiFi. 

Student council has already been busy organizing events that cultivate students’ interest and spirit, while also representing the student body in meetings with Dr. Pernick.  Schreiber students hope to see that continue for the remainder of the school year.