Black Friday – How Black Friday began and evolved into a national scramble


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Geordan Sparber, Staff Writer

Black Friday is approaching, and for avid shoppers, it is as important as any holiday this season.  On Nov. 26, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is going to be filled with huge sales all day long.  People set their alarms extremely early to beat the large lines and get the best prices; some shoppers even go as far as to camp out in front of their favorite stores the night before.

“Black Friday is one of the most exciting days for me, as shopping is one of my favorite activities,” said junior Julia Cohen. 

Many people enjoy the deals Black Friday has to offer, but do not understand the holiday’s history.  In September of 1869, two investors inflated the price of gold, causing a major crash in the stock market.  Due to this crash, many people struggled economically and foreign trade reached a halt.  When the stock market is in an unprofitable state as it was in the fall of 1869, it is known as being “in the red.”  In order to save the stock market from the “red zone,” there were many discounts at stores to encourage purchases and boost the economy.  The day the stock market re-entered the “black zone” was the day following Thanksgiving in 1869.  Black Friday has been a national tradition ever since.

Although this explanation behind the name “Black Friday” does hold truth to it, other people have different beliefs regarding its meaning.  For instance, police officers in the 1960s used the term “Black Friday” to describe the ensuing chaos from tourists traveling to Philadelphia for both holiday shopping and to attend the Army-Navy football game.  

“I never truly knew what the term Black Friday meant and thought the holiday was just an excuse to shop, but now I understand that there is actually history to it,” said junior Kaitlyn Schwirzbin. 

There are many options as to where to spend Black Friday.  If you have interest in athletic sportswear, you can save up to 50% at the Adidas store, but if you are more interested in entertainment items such as a television, you can head to Walmart.  In addition, Target has great sales on headphones, televisions, and kitchen appliances..  

A popular clothing store hosting substantial deals on Long Island is Twenty5A, located in Williston Park.  Upon entering the store on Black Friday, each shopper is given a punch card that grants a greater discount for each item purchased, so shoppers buy more to save more.  In addition to Twenty5A, Roosevelt Field Mall has massive sales in almost all of its stores. 

“On Black Friday, I always go to the Roosevelt Field Mall with my family to enjoy the deals.  It is always shopping mayhem,” said junior Ava Demarzo. 

In order to make your experience more enjoyable, it is crucial to arrive at your favorite stores early to ensure they still have the items you want.  In addition, it is important to bring snacks with you as you shop because it takes up a large portion of your day.  Lastly, research deals on items you want prior to purchasing to ensure you receive the best deal.