Ruby Ader, Contributing Writer

This year, the Town of North Hempstead and the Port Washington Chamber Of Commerce brought HarborFest back to Port Washington from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.on Jun. 5.  The festival took place at the town docks and was a day of fun geared towards people of all ages.  Harborfest consisted of many enjoyable and entertaining attractions such as craft shows, fire boat demonstrations, games, sports, science experiments, and many booths and exhibits.  HarborFest had free admission, free parking, and free shuttle buses, so those going did not have to worry about bringing their wallet unless they wanted to buy some food.  The community was also able to take advantage of paddle-boarding, kayaking, or taking a ride on a boat, as HarborFest took place at the Port Washington docks.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and afternoon, with plenty of sunshine.

“HarborFest is always so much fun, and I was so excited for this year because I was able to go paddleboarding with all of my friends,” said freshman Sabrina Leber.  

On top of all the fun booths, there was a super impressive food court where people at the festival could get a true “Taste of Port Washington.”  Schreiber’s very own sophomore, Violet Lichtenstein, helped to organize and run a candy sushi booth at this year’s HarborFest. 

“I hope everyone came to the docks to see all of the cool booths that we lined up.  Not only were the booths great, but the food vendors offered delicious meals and of course, there was some really good candy sushi,” said Lichtenstein.  

There were over 70 craft vendors this year, making it the biggest HarborFest that Port Washington has ever had.  To top the day off, live entertainment at the tugboat and a new nautical photo exhibit in the Pride of Cow Bay Nautical Museum kept young children entertained.  There were also many arts and crafts stations throughout the docks and lower Main Street where kids and adults had the chance to go to make or sculpt an art project.  Additionally, the main stage featured performances from student and community bands, as well as dance routines from different Port Washington dance companies.

The location of HarborFest has a history to it – the Port Washington Docks were originally built in the 1870s in order to help serve steamboats.  Right next to the docks is what was recently named Sunset Park, a park built on a landfill pulled from the ground to create the East River tunnels.  This was greatly impacted by the construction of the Long Island railroad system, as well as a whole new population that it brought.

“Not only is Port Washington such a nice town and beautiful place to live, but we always have many festivities that make it even better.  Recently, I learned some really cool facts about the history of our town, and it definitely makes me appreciate the foundation of my home even better,” said sophomore Alexis Levine.  

HarborFest is just one of many annual festivals that Port Washington has to offer, and it is one of the town’s favorites.  Port Washington doesn’t just have  the best pizza or the best sunsets, but festivals like these  bring the town together and creates such a home and friendly environment to all kids and adults.