Primaries, caucuses, candidates, oh my!

Rebecca Charno, Leah Doubert, Jacob Gottesman, Emily Levine, Emily Milgrim, Josh Rosen, Noah Sollinger, and Aidan Spizz

February 14, 2020

In 2017, the Oxford Dictionary decided “youthquake” was their word of the year.  Essentially, this reflects the recent explosion of young activism and political involvement in the past 5 years.   Yet, over the years, our community has exper...

Editorial: Hiring permanent substitutes is unproductive and takes away students’ free time

February 14, 2020

Recently, a new addition has been made to the Schreiber staff. The introduction of a permanent substitute teacher is a new concept for our high school and has grabbed the curiosity of many students recently notified of the change. Since...

Editorial: Gym-makeups are an unecessary hinderance that students simply don’t need

February 14, 2020

Making up physical education classes at Schreiber can be extremely irritating, especially when it is for a field trip, assembly, or any other school sanctioned event. Many students have limited off periods to begin with, so attending...