The Schreiber Times

Staff 2019-2020

Dear Staff,

We are excited to announce the masthead for the 2019-2020 school year! There were so many qualified applicants this year, and we did our best to think of the collective when assembling the team. We are confident that you all will prosper in your individual positions and we welcome new initiatives that will help the paper continue to grow!

Congratulations and best of luck!

Becky, Ms. Cotter, and Ms. Zarkh



Rebecca Charno

Noah Sollinger

Managing Editor

Leah Doubert

Copy Editors

Jacob Gottesman

Emily Levine


Kayla Hill

Maddie Hiller

Assistant: Alexandra Grundfast


Noah Loewy

Assistant: Amber Kakkar

Assistant: Zach Siegel


Asher Charno

Zach Gitlin

Assistant: Zach Lustbader


Emily Milgrim

Assistant: Frankie Ader

Assistant: Lucy Barr


Josh Rosen

Aidan Spizz

Assistant: Aphrodite Dimopoulos

Graphics Editor

Ava Fasciano

Photo Editors

Jack Lawrence

Katie Winter

Kyle Wong

Assistant: Natalie Smith

Staff Assistants

Ashley Cohen

Abigail Kapoor

Ili Pecullan

Kevin Taylor