The Schreiber Times

Staff 2021-2022

Dear Staff,

Congratulations!  We were very excited to interview so many qualified candidates and are looking forward to a full return to the pub room in September 2021.  The coming year of newspaper will offer many opportunities to rebuild, revive, and refocus so that we can have the best Schreiber Times in years.  To that end, please make sure that you have contact information for everyone in your section, and be prepared to spend some time in September refreshing your writing, editing, and layout skills.  More information about our 2021-2022 meeting and production schedule will come your way at the end of August; in the meantime, have a great summer cultivating your love of journalism!

Best of luck and best wishes for a successful year,

Emily, Jacob, Ms. Cotter, and Ms. Zarkh



Asher Charno

Amber Kakkar 


Managing Editor

Lucy Barr


Copy Editors

Daniel Greilsheimer 

Lucas Milgrim 


Centerfold Editor

Zack Siegel


Web Editor

Bram Franchetti

Web & Media Asst. Ezra Loewy

Web & Media Asst. Jake Schachter


Social Media Editors

Isabelle Kitay

Kevin Taylor



Hannah Brooks 

Mikey Capobianco 

Asst. Sam Capuano



Meiling Laurence 

Sam Rothenberg

Asst. Parikshith Hebbar 



Ashley Cohen

Abigail Kapoor 

Asst. Julia O’Sullivan 

Asst. Talia Sinclair



Ili Pecullan 

Asst. Ellie Ross

Asst. Devin Spizz 



Sam Kassan

David Silverstein 

Asst. Dylan Epstein



Samwell Nachimson 



Sara Mody

Asst. Sam Friedler 


Staff Assistants

Ruby Ader 

Jai Dhillon

Sabrina Grossman 

Advait Nair

Liam Regan