Punk’d returns with celebrity guest hosts and hilarious pranks


Taylor Swift stands in awe as Justin Bieber reveals the episode’s ruse. The new season draws its appeal from its use of celebrity guest hosts in each new episode

Penina Remler, Staff Writer

Five years ago, the phrase “you’ve just been punk’d” originated from the MTV series and quickly became a trending phrase. The MTV hit series, Punk’d, fooled celebrities into ridiculous and dramatic situations. Eventually in each show, the original host Ashton Kutcher would come out and break the news, but each contestant was almost always completely deceived.

This year, the series returned from its hiatus with a twist. This season involves the same scheme, but picks the brains of celebrity guest hosts such as Justin Bieber for ideas for pranks.

Each joke is thoroughly organized to pull a successful trick against another celebrity friend. Some episodes have included Justin Bieber “punking” Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.

What makes the new season more favorable than the old is the variety of celebrities on the show compared to the crowd featured on Kutcher’s seasons. Favorite celebrities this season have ranged from Zac Efron to Snooki to Diana Agron. Additionally, because each episode is hosted by a different person with different ideas, no episode is very similar to another.

Many viewers may find the new series interesting to watch due to the fact that the celebrity hosts are in on the game too, by selecting who they want to be “punk’d” and partaking in the big joke. However, the show is slightly dramatic as every scenario featured in the new season is over the top, and the celebrities go to extreme measures to fool a friend.

These stunts include everything from faking deaths to crashing cars. What the viewers do not know is that the attempts do not always run so smoothly and when a celebrity can simply not be fooled, the episode is omitted from the show. Furthermore, the new season not only films the play-by-play of each big trick, but also explains how they are plotted both behind the seasons for optimal results.

While some viewers may argue these stunts are simply money down the drain, the extravagant efforts are all in good fun. Ultimately, many fans of the famous contestants may be drawn to the show to see that even our favorite stars can be be tricked.